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BALTIC BLOG: From the Aegean to the Gulf of Finland, China cements its presence across Eastern Europe

April 3, 2019

China’s Touchstone Capital Partners plans to extend €15bn to finance the construction of a rail tunnel linking Tallinn and Helsinki, highlighting how Chinese investment has spread across Central and Eastern Europe.

BALTIC BLOG: Latvia's triple-decker page-turner

February 21, 2018

Latvian central bank governor Ilmars Rimsevics denies running extortion racket and says accusations are an attack on the Baltic state.

BALTIC BLOG: E-Stonia prances with the porpoise in the form of Prince Andrew

May 31, 2016

If the Duke of York is the new poster child for E-stonia, then one has to consider if the concept is at what start-up culture calls a “jumping the shark” moment.

Russia leads world in share of top female executives for second year

March 10, 2016

Russia has highest number of women executives, Japan and Germany trail at rear.

BALTIC BLOG: Kohver just a pawn in Putin's game

September 28, 2015

Eston Kohver release appears to be part of President Vladimir Putin's grand ploy to re-establish Russia at the top table of international politics when he arrives in New York to deliver a speech to the UN's General Assembly