Czech Republic

Czech populist leader Andrej Babis found not guilty in EU subsidy fraud trial

Albin Sybera January 9, 2023

Verdict could give billionaire former premier a boost ahead of presidential elections next weekend.

Spontaneous euroisation of the Czech economy undermines Eurosceptic prejudices

Albin Sybera January 9, 2023

Czechia already is a dual system in which many companies and residents operate in euros, but politicians and central bankers continue to block adoption.

OUTLOOK 2023: Central Europe and the Baltic states

Robert Anderson in Prague January 9, 2023

In a pessimistic scenario, Budapest and Warsaw could once more unite against Brussels, and the region could suffer a new wave of self-defeating populism as the cost of living crisis bites.

bneGREEN: Record 2022 for coal threatens green targets

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh January 6, 2023

World coal consumption reached a new high in 2022 before levelling out in 2023 and 2024, with rising usage in emerging Asian countries cancelling out falling demand in advanced economies.

Emerging Europe backs nuclear power to solve energy needs

bne IntelliNews January 6, 2023

Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia and Romania all plan new reactors and many countries are also looking at small modular reactors for the future.

bneGREEN NEO: Petrochemical companies should step up the fight against plastic waste

NEO January 6, 2023

Plastic waste has become a key issue in the fight against climate change. As experts and activists debate the merits of recycling versus reducing plastics overall, petrochemical companies should speed up their plans to recycle plastic waste.

Czech presidential candidate Nerudova loses her mojo as election nears

Albin Sybera January 5, 2023

The former Mendel University rector has been hit by media reports of plagiarism at the university during her tenure.

January temperature records broken across Europe

Anna Fleck for Statista January 5, 2023

Eight countries in Europe recorded all-time high temperature records for January on New Year’s Day this year. The following data draws from the visualization of meteorologist Scott Duncan and reports by the BBC, Statista reports.