Czech Republic

Nuclear power's share dropped to record low in OECD, but solar jumped to record highs thanks to hot summer

bne IntelliNews September 16, 2022

Germany’s decision to take its nuclear power plants offline, coupled with production problems with France’s NPPs, saw the share of nuclear power in the OECD countries year to date fall to its lowest level ever, but solar boomed.

Czech government imposes national energy price caps

Albin Sybera September 14, 2022

The Czech price cap is seen as a back-up plan in case a common EU-level approach is not reached.

Czechia and Slovakia accelerate decoupling from decades-long nuclear partnership with Moscow

Albin Sybera September 14, 2022

Central European states are moving to widen the cutting off of Russian energy links beyond gas, oil and coal.

Court hearings in ex-premier Babis’ EU fraud case begin

Albin Sybera September 12, 2022

It is far from clear that the court trial will damage Babis' popularity as the Czech populist leader has painted it as a grand conspiracy against him.

IMF: How food and energy are driving the global inflation surge

Philip Barrett economist for the IMF September 11, 2022

Global inflation was generally moderating when the pandemic began, and the downward trend continued into the early months of the crisis. But surging prices since late 2020 have pushed inflation higher than in all of the last five years combined.

Czech demonstration organisers make a business from it

Albin Sybera September 11, 2022

Conspiracy theorists disseminating disinformation about COVID-19 are often the same actors spreading disinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

ING: ECB hikes by a historic 75bp, more hikes in the works

Carsten Brzeski Global Head of Macro for ING Research September 9, 2022

The European Central Bank has decided on the largest rate hike since the start of the monetary union and has given the impression that it is fully determined to do more on September 7.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Putin’s cost of living crisis has already caused mass demonstrations in Europe, but will they get worse?

Ben Aris in Berlin September 8, 2022

Last weekend 70,000 protesters gathered on Wenceslas Square in the heart of Prague to demonstrate against the rising cost of living and demanded a rapprochement with Russia. Will demonstrations spread across Europe as the crisis gets worse?

Czechia pushes for more connections to LNG terminals

Albin Sybera September 8, 2022

Czechia and Poland will resume work on the Stork II pipeline bringing gas from the Polish LNG terminal at Swinoujscie to Libhost in Czechia’s northern Moravian region.

Eastern EU governments under pressure to act on rising living costs

bne IntelliNews September 7, 2022

Discontent is growing in Central and Southeast European countries that are suffering the highest inflation in the EU, pumped up by soaring food and energy prices.

Former Nato commander confirms bid for Czech presidency

Albin Sybera September 7, 2022

Petr Pavel would beat billionaire populist Andrej Babis in a run-off, according to opinion polls.

Soaring Central European wages fail to keep pace with inflation

Robert Anderson in Prague September 6, 2022

Oxford Economics says risk of wage-price inflationary spirals is “overblown”.

Czech opposition leader tells readers of his own newspapers to ignore the media

Robert Anderson in Prague September 6, 2022

Opponents of former premier Andrej Babis accuse him of encouraging mistrust of the media and misinformation.

Czech far right and far left rally to protest against energy crisis

Albin Sybera September 5, 2022

Protesters criticised the country's centre-right government for not doing enough to help ordinary people, as well as for aiding Ukrainians at their expense.

Czech and German authorities disrupt network exporting Novichok chemicals to Russia

Albin Sybera September 2, 2022

Russian intelligence expected to intensify its operations inside the EU to provide technologies and chemicals for the Russian military as sanctions bite.

Three-month waiver period to ease Czech personal debt crisis begins as cost of living crisis looms

Albin Sybera September 1, 2022

Some 700,000 Czechs (roughly 6.4% of the population) are trapped in endless enforcements, often facing debts impossible to pay off during their lifetimes.

ING: Energy crisis pulls rug from under the big exporting nations

ING September 1, 2022

It is a familiar narrative, but a firmly hawkish Fed plus major exporting nations seeing their trade surpluses wiped out by higher energy costs continue to drive the dollar higher. And we doubt an extra 25bp of ECB tightening this autumn will help.

Head of Czech foreign intelligence agency resigns as government faces vote of confidence

Albin Sybera August 31, 2022

Czech spy chief Petr Mlejnek has resigned over his contacts with an arrested businessman at the centre of a political corruption case.

Poland and Baltic states threaten to impose unilateral ban on Russian tourists

bne IntelliNews August 31, 2022

Five EU states demand informal summit agrees measures that would “decisively decrease the flow of Russian citizens into the European Union and the Schengen area”.

ING: German Ifo down, recession not a question of “if” but “how bad will it be”

Carsten Brzeski Global Head of Macro for ING Research August 29, 2022

The list of arguments why the German economy is sliding into recession is getting ever longer. The question isn't about whether there'll be a recession but rather how severe and how long it will be.