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Ukraine’s population crashes to 29mn, Uzbekistan overtakes to become fourth biggest in Eurasia

Dominic Culverwell in Kyiv June 6, 2023

Ukraine’s population has dropped to a low of 29mn people, sparking concerns over the future of the country’s demographic, according to a study from the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, Ukraine Business News reported on June 6.

Tara Reade, who accused Biden of sexual assault enjoying the "freedom" of Moscow life, seeks Russian citizenship

bne IntelliNews June 6, 2023

Tara Reade, the US ex-Senate aide who made international headlines by accusing President Joe Biden of sexual assault during his victorious 2020 presidential campaign, has announced that she is seeking Russian citizenship.

Turkey braced for Russian tourist invasion following Erdogan victory

Jason Corcoran in Kuşadası June 5, 2023

Turkey is getting a ready for an unprecedented invasion of about 7mn Russian tourists this summer in the wake of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s re-election as president.

PANNIER: Precarious balancing act for ‘everybody’s friend’ Central Asia

Bruce Pannier June 2, 2023

West might talk tough on Russia sanctions enforcement, but it may have to settle for half-hearted promises from region.

South Korea emerges as key ammo supplier for Ukraine

bne IntelliNews June 1, 2023

South Korea has entered into a joint venture with Poland to produce arms and ammo that will initially be used to supply Ukraine, but will later contribute to Warsaw’s ambitions to create the largest conventional force in Europe.

Is the war finally coming home for ordinary Russians?

bne IntelliNews May 31, 2023

On the morning of May30 a series of kamikaze drones struck Moscow, in the most intense attack the capital has seen since President Vladimir Putin launched the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Investigation uncovers flourishing trade in sanctioned technology flowing through Kazakhstan to Russia.

Ben Aris in London May 30, 2023

A joint investigation by German magazine Der Spiegel and the Organised Crime and Corruption Research Centre has uncovered details of how banned technology is avoiding sanctions and is being shipped via Kazakhstan into Russia.

INTERVIEW: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

`Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius May 25, 2023

“Ukraine’s victory will trigger something big – a change of regime not only in Russia, but in Belarus too.”

Freedom House says Ukraine war threatens democracy across Emerging Europe

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 25, 2023

Democratic governance deteriorates in Emerging Europe and Central Asia, with worst declines in already authoritarian regions.

Milestone China-Central Asia ‘5+1’ summit pursues new blueprint for relations

Ben Aris in Berlin May 18, 2023

Stans were eager for red carpet treatment. Notably, Russia was not invited.

New Development Bank: the Emerging Markets' very own development bank

Ben Aris in Almaty May 17, 2023

Part of the reason the NDB was set up is that the inflow of investment to the emerging world has underperformed in the last few decades and the investment needs remain enormous.

EU looks to better implement measures targeting Russian energy in upcoming 11th sanctions package

bne IntelliNews May 15, 2023

The EU continues work to hash out an 11th sanctions package on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, which will require the approval of all 27 member states to be finalised.

EBRD 2023: EBRD meets in Samarkand as Central Asian transformation accelerates

Clare Nuttall in Samarkand May 14, 2023

Development bank holds its annual meeting in Central Asia for the first time in 12 years.

Narva: The EU's eastern output is still looking for an identity

Marco Cacciati in Narva May 12, 2023

Russia's invasion of Ukraine made Narva a symbol of the new “iron curtain” that had descended upon Europe. Now the Estonian city is trying to better integrate its Russian-speaking majority and reverse years of population decline.

Reward from Putin: Moscow cancels visas for Georgia and renews direct flights

Tornike Mandaria in Tbilisi May 11, 2023

The move is widely regarded as the Kremlin’s reward for the Georgian government’s restrained stance on the Ukraine war and its "anti-Western propaganda".

KSE’s plan for Ukraine to fight back against Russia’s weaponisation of gas

Ben Aris in Berlin May 11, 2023

Russia's attempt to use its gas supply as a political tool against its neighbours and the EU has backfired, but gas supplies from Russia to Europe should be allowed to continue, but with some strict restrictions to defang Russia's energy weapon.

Pashinyan plays delicate balancing act with Moscow ahead of EU peace talks

bne IntelliNews May 11, 2023

The Armenian president cannot afford to alienate Moscow when his country remains so dependent on its big neighbour and at a time when the outcome of the peace talks remains so uncertain.

Scaled-down Victory Day Parade in Moscow attracts thin crowds

bne IntelliNews May 10, 2023

A scaled-down Victory Day military parade on Moscow’s Red Square and through the capital’s central streets attracted thin crowds as fewer people than in recent years came to watch the annual May 9 celebrations.

Russia to sell gas to Uzbekistan through reversed flow Soviet-era gas pipelines

Ben Aris in Berlin May 9, 2023

Russia will sell gas to the energy-hungry Uzbekistan by reversing the flow of the Soviet-era gas pipeline network that used to transport Turkmen gas to Russia.

SCO foreign ministers summit in Goa brings together Asian and Eurasian old rivals to try to put aside their differences

Ben Aris in Berlin May 8, 2023

The Council of Foreign Ministers meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) met in Goa and saw old rivals try to put aside their rivalries in an effort to build a more co-ordinated coalition of developing countries.