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Gas crunch emerging in East as Kazakhstan fails to meet China’s import requests

Fuad Shahbazov December 10, 2022

Try as it might, Beijing is unable to lock in Kazakh gas flows. Russian shipments via Uzbekistan might eventually be the answer.

Democracy 18: Azerbaijan's rising left-wing political movement

Cavid Aga in Baku December 9, 2022

Ahmad Mammadli thinks post-war Azerbaijan is fertile ground for new, radical political movements. However, he also fears his arrest might be a harbinger of a new wave of political repression.

China has won water dispute with Kazakhstan

Eurasianet December 8, 2022

Astana accepts that it cannot force China to use less water upstream. But the BRI may help it reduce its own water waste, a new paper argues.

PM’s attempt to quell Mongolia’s ‘coal mafia’ protests drowned out by livid crowds

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar December 7, 2022

Amid the demonstrations on Ulaanbaatar’s streets, Mongolians young and old tell bne IntelliNews of their disillusionment and economic hardship.

Turkmenistan: A shining city in a book of records

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin December 7, 2022

Russia is proposing a major reconfiguration of the Central Asian gas market. Eurasianet’s weekly Turkmenistan briefing.

Roddy Scott Foundation providing education to the children of war-torn Pankisi Gorge

Ben Aris in Berlin December 6, 2022

Twenty years ago the young freelance photojournalist Roddy Scott was killed by Russian forces in the Pankisi gorge in Georgia, a refuge for terrorists and a transit point into neighbouring Chechnya during the war there.

Mongolians attempt to storm Government Palace as protests over coal profits scandal swell

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar December 5, 2022

Majority strived to keep the youth-led demonstrations peaceful, but the bitterness now held towards top officials runs deep and was clear for all to see.

The legendary Silk Road city of Samarkand gets a tourism upgrade

Daniel Rad in Samarkand December 4, 2022

“Samarkand is as old as time” but the Uzbek government has invested heavily in the hospitality infrastructure to improve the appeal of this legendary Silk Road city to the international traveller.

War and wine: how rattled economies in Ukraine and Russia are pushing Georgian winemakers to pivot to new markets

Mack Tubridy in Tbilisi November 30, 2022

Traditional export markets for Georgian wine are reeling due to the war in Ukraine, deepening ongoing trends of market diversification among winemakers in the South Caucasian country.

Mongolia to channel natural resource riches into new sovereign wealth fund

Michael Kohn in Ulaanbaatar November 26, 2022

Government plans to transform state miner Erdenes Mongol into SWF tasked with wisely investing coal, copper, gold and other earnings.

China stepping up military cooperation with Tajikistan

Eurasianet November 23, 2022

The countries have agreed to systematise defence cooperation.

Ukraine faces one of worst declines in GDP from a war, says EBRD

Robert Anderson in London November 22, 2022

The contraction in Ukraine’s GDP will be among the worst 10-20% of those in conflicts in the last 200 years, the development bank predicts in its 2022/23 Transition Report.

Europe woos Central Asia as Russia’s appeal wanes

Joanna Lillis for Eurasianet November 21, 2022

EU’s foreign policy chief is latest high-level Western official to visit Central Asia.

Russia’s imports recover as trade pivots to the east

Ben Aris in Berlin November 20, 2022

Russia’s imports crashed after the invasion of Ukraine in February as Western trade partners simply cut supplies to the country off while around 1,000 firms promised to pull out altogether. Now they are recovering fast.

World population hits 8bn. Where do we go from here?

bne IntelIiNews November 15, 2022

Greying of populations big dilemma for developed countries. Share of people on planet aged 65 years or above projected to rise from 10% now to 16% in 2050.

Kazakhstan: Old-school presidential debate stokes election cynicism

Almaz Kumenov for Eurasianet November 15, 2022

The incumbent’s absence from the debate will bear him no political cost. His five rivals will all lose soundly this weekend.

Uzbekistan’s “People’s IPO” stars are ready for listing

Ben Aris In Samarkand November 15, 2022

In the remaining months of this year Uzbekistan hopes to hold its first three major IPOs in carmaker UzAvto, metallurgical business UzMetKombinat and the leading mortgage bank in the country Qishloq Qurilish Bank (QQB).

INTERVIEW: Orient group investing into Uzbekistan's growing population and investment-friendly climate

Ben Aris in Tashkent November 12, 2022

Uzbekistan’s Orient Group has emerged as one of the largest multi-sector conglomerates in Uzbekistan with interests in real estate, banking, retail and agriculture. Now it is getting ready to tap in the international capital market.

INTERVIEW: Giorgi Paresishvili, chairman of Tashkent Stock Exchange

Ben Aris in Samarakand November 10, 2022

In January 2016 Paresishvilli successfully plugged Georgia into the international capital markets when it hooked up to the international settlement and clearing system of Clearstream. Now he intends to do do the same with the Tashkent Stock Exchange.

Uzbekistan showcases IT progress at ICT Week 2022 in Samarkand

bne IntelliNews November 9, 2022

Uzbekistan's ICT Week 2022 was a chance for the country to showcase the results of its ambitious economic reform programme under President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. The World Bank has stated that Uzbekistan is undergoing an "unprecedented transformation".