Forbes launches eco-rating of Russian companies

NEO February 28, 2021

This year, Forbes Russia compiled a list of Russia’s 30 most eco-friendly companies for the first time, reported New Economy Observer February 26.

Kyrgyzstan: Kumtor’s fate uncertain once more

Chris Rickleton for Eurasianet February 26, 2021

The mine used to be President Japarov's cause célèbre, but these days he has to be more pragmatic.

Russia's paper and pulp company Segezha is tapping Russia's "green gold"

Ben Aris in Berlin February 26, 2021

Trees are one of Russia’s biggest natural resources. Russia's forests stretch half way around the world and it is home to 70% of the planet's entire stock of soft wood – ideal for making paper.

Coronacrisis boosts e-commerce in North Macedonia as shopping habits change

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje February 25, 2021

North Macedonia’s Grouper adapted swiftly to the pandemic, rolling out an online marketplace and food delivery platform, co-founder Nina Angelovska tells bne IntelliNews.

Ukraine local bonds are back

Ben Aris in Berlin February 24, 2021

Foreign investors piled into Ukrainian local debt when the market was hooked up to the international capital markets in April 2019. Then they fled in 2020. But with the recovery underway bond investors are back, approaching previous highs already.

Emerging Europe strong on women’s economic opportunities but dragged down by low pensions

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 24, 2021

Different retirement ages for men and women lead to lower pensions for women despite reforms in 2019-2020, says World Bank report.

Copper is the new gold

Ben Aris in Berlin February 24, 2021

Copper prices have been soaring as the post-coronavirus recovery gets under way, pushing up commodity prices, but copper has been supercharged by the digitisation of the global economy and the rise of the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Lukoil ‘demonstrates worth to Uzbekistan as it takes on hard to recover gas challenge’

Alisher Kalandarov in Tashkent February 23, 2021

Russian giant, now sixth largest taxpayer in Central Asian country, has stepped up its cooperation with Tashkent.

BOR: Post-Brexit top five tips for British firms hiring in Czechia

Gal Raviv in Prague February 22, 2021

Czechia offers many opportunities for employers based in the UK. But there are a few things you need to know about hiring workers

Change to excise rules benefiting cigarette producers linked to future of Croatia's BAT factory

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 21, 2021

Plans to hike excise on heated tobacco, benefiting traditional cigarette producers, have been openly linked to the government’s efforts to persuade BAT to keep its Kanfanar factory open.

Online is in vogue in Romania

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 21, 2021

eSales by online fashion sites are gaining on those of major retailers in Europe’s fastest-growing e-commerce market.

LONG READ: Czechs reassess their Habsburg legacy

Robert Anderson in Prague February 21, 2021

Russian statues are being pulled down as Austrian ones are being put up again.

Mongolia’s pitiless dzud

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar February 20, 2021

The unique weather disaster that leaves herders with a harvest of carcasses.

Rival operators announce lawsuits in Serbia's cable war

Eldar Dizdarevic in Sarajevo February 18, 2021

Long-standing rivalry between Telekom Srbija and United Media has erupted into a public legal battle.

Resilient emerging Europe labour markets to bounce back post-crisis

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 17, 2021

Unemployment growth has been modest and a return to tight labour markets is expected as economies recover from the coronacrisis.

Petrostates to lose trillions of dollars in revenues amid clean energy push: report

Newsbase February 14, 2021

New “wake-up call” analysis from Carbon Tracker looks at impact of shift towards lower-carbon energy.

Kosovo’s new generation of politics

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 13, 2021

Left-wing nationalist Vetevendosje has gained overwhelming popular support ahead of Kosovo's February 14 general election.

New Lidl store puts Serbia’s Vranje on the tourist map

bne IntelliNews reporters in Vranje February 10, 2021

The pandemic caused a slump in tourism, but one southern Serbian town has become a hot destination for day trippers thanks to the German discount retailer.