Russia to block Twitter in 30 days if it doesn't comply with orders, boosting the domestic tech industry

Ben Aris in Berlin March 17, 2021

Russian authorities will attempt to block Twitter within the next 30 days if the company fails to delete content the government says is illegal, it was reported on March 16. The Kremlin is also using rules to boost its domestic tech sector.

Belarusian opposition proposes draft text of a new constitution

Ben Aris in Berlin March 16, 2021

The Belarusian opposition has a very short list of demands: Belarus' self-appointed President Alexander Lukashenko must step down, political prisoners must be freed and new elections must be held.

Russian business optimism picks up in February, IHS Markit survey finds

Ben Aris in Berlin March 15, 2021

Optimism amongst Russia’s businesses picked up strongly in February, according to the latest IHS Markit Business Outlook survey, the consultant reported in a note on March 11.

Multinational firms under pressure to break ties with Belarus

Ben Aris in Berlin March 15, 2021

International multinational firms are coming under increased pressure to break business ties with Belarus as opposition leaders apply a "name and shame" campaign as part of their struggle to oust incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko.

GV Gold on a roll

Ben Aris in Berlin March 12, 2021

Roman Schetinsky, strategy director of Russian top 5 gold producer GV Gold, forecasts a "growth tsunami" in gold prices.