FPRI BMB Ukraine: Trust in Zelenskiy recovers to 50%

FPRI BMB Ukraine: Trust in Zelenskiy recovers to 50%
President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's opinion poll numbers have improved recently thanks to the his actively pushing the Ukraine agenda with his international peers and the progress he has made. The numbers of his main rivals, however, have tanked.
By FPRI BMB Ukraine September 13, 2021

Heading into the new political season, Volodymyr Zelenskiy and his Servant of the People party are leading the polls in Ukraine, according to the latest socio-political survey conducted by the Rating Group. Among decided voters, 31% would cast their ballot for Zelenskiy in a hypothetical election and nearly 26% would support Servant of the People.

What’s more, Zelenskiy’s trust rating has returned to the positive balance he enjoyed during the first year of his presidency: 50% of respondents said they trust the current president, while 48% do not. The next-most-trusted political figure among those polled was Verkhovna Rada Chairman Dmytro Razumkov (29%), followed by Petro Poroshenko (26%), Yulia Tymoshenko (26%), and Yuriy Boyko (23%).

However, the vast majority of survey respondents said they do not trust Poroshenko (71%) or Tymoshenko (72%), and more than half (58%) said they do not trust Boyko. These politicians were also the leaders in the anti-rating polls: 45% of respondents said they would not vote for Poroshenko under any circumstances, 38% would not vote for Tymoshenko, and 35% would not vote for Boyko. By comparison, about a quarter (24%) said they would not vote for Zelenskiy.

In terms of parliamentary ratings, European Solidarity trails behind Servant of the People with 14% support among decided voters, followed by Opposition Platform — For Life with 12% and Batkivshchyna with 10.6%.

Assessing the overall situation in the country, about a third (34%) of respondents said they believe Ukraine is moving in the right direction and 58% believe it’s headed the wrong way. Regarding Zelenskiy’svisit to the United States, 48% of respondents said it was a success and 28% believed it was unsuccessful.