Romania and Latvia's car ownership rates among lowest in Europe

bne IntelliNews September 24, 2021

The lowest motorisation rates were found in Romania (357 cars per thousand people), Latvia (381 cars) and Hungary (390 cars).

COMMENT: Risk premiums in Central Europe during the COVID era do surprisingly well

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors September 23, 2021

In times of crisis there is a fight to quality by bond traders who are keen to reduce their risks. However, in this crisis the countries of Central Europe have done surprisingly well thanks to ECB support.

bneGREEN: Greenwashing: regulators flex muscles as the market remains in flux

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 22, 2021

Defining a green investment is crucial to boosting the expansion of renewable energy and preventing the mis-selling of investments by so-called greenwashing, whereby the environmental impact of a product is misrepresented.

Hungary’s Monetary Council decides to slow the pace of tightening cycle

bne IntelliNews September 22, 2021

Rate-setters raised the central bank’s base rate by 15 basis points to 1.65%, below the 20-30bp hike expected by analysts.

Hungarian opposition accuses Fidesz of sabotaging first round of primary election

bne IntelliNews September 20, 2021

IT experts confirmed that it was not simply an overload but a targeted attack, organisers said.

MITTELEUROPEAN INSIGHTS: Hungary's surprise debt issuance demonstrates the EU's financial whip is not working

Gunter Deuber and Stephan Imre of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna September 17, 2021

Hungary's big return to the international bond market shows it is expecting a lengthy spat with the EU but it also makes financial sense.

bneGREEN: Global coal plans collapse by 76%

By Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 16, 2021

The global pipeline of proposed coal power plants has collapsed by 76% since the Paris Agreement in 2015, bringing the end of new coal power construction into sight, new research by green think-tank E3G finds.

bneGreen: Finland’s Betolar develops green cement as construction races to decarbonise

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 15, 2021

Finland’s Betolar is pioneering the production of low-carbon cement by using alternative industrial waste products in a process that could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

GLOBSEC: No debt ratio is safe for small EU countries

Ivan Šramko and Sona Muzikarova September 10, 2021

Targeted EU fiscal rule reform is desirable but should consider the inherent risks for smaller member states.

Foreign companies dominate Hungary’s B2C scene

bne IntelliNews September 9, 2021

Last year sales jumped 45% to €2.5bn, fuelled by lockdowns and changing consumer patterns.

Hungary’s inflation on the rise in August after a temporary retreat

bne IntelliNews September 9, 2021

Hungary’s headline inflation edged up to 4.9% in August from 4.6% in July.

PM Viktor Orban’s friend granted casino license for 35 years in secret

bne IntelliNews September 9, 2021

Opposition pledges to challenge lengthy contracts and licences handed out to regime's favourite oligarchs.

Hungarian central bank sees little chance of government slashing 5.9% deficit target despite stellar growth

bne IntelliNews September 6, 2021

MNB expects the government to use additional proceeds from better-than-expected growth to boost expenditures this year ahead of election.

EV market may create copper deficit

Dimitri Frolowsckii of Neo September 3, 2021

Auto fleets' shift to electric vehicles in a global drive to cut carbon emissions will involve a drawdown on copper that could transform markets, and spur additional supply.

Industry and services drive Hungary's GDP back to pre-crisis levels in Q2

bne IntelliNews September 2, 2021

Analysts are expecting Hungary’s economy to post a record 7% FY growth or even higher as the main drivers of growth are expected to remain strong.

Hungary and Russia reach long-term gas supply agreement

bne IntelliNews August 31, 2021

The agreement, to be signed at the end of September and coming into force from October 1, will be in force for 10+5 years.