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ISTANBUL BLOG: IR crowd await next chapter of Erdogan and Bibi

November 19, 2022

While old foe Netanyahu was out of office, Turkey’s president restored relations with Israel. But Netanyahu is back.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Mess of information as officials fail to logically explain bomb attack

November 15, 2022

Story breaks that ultra-nationalist spoke on phone with bombing suspect. Erdogan officials, meanwhile, point finger at US citing Washington’s connections with Kurdish militants.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Suicide attack in Turkey awakens ghosts that promise violence ahead of elections

October 3, 2022

President Erdogan will soon come to accept he’s already lost at the ballot box. But he won’t accept that it’s all over. Watch closely.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkish officials attempt to slake thirst for FX with visit to MbS

September 26, 2022

Turkey’s Erdogan administration again spooked by the lurching lira. Small matter of Jamal Khashoggi appears to be ancient history.

ISTANBUL BLOG: To those jimmying the lid of Turkey’s stock market, hold your nose

September 22, 2022

Banking stocks rose to wacky heights, then collapsed. Fed governor Jerome Powell got the blame. Only an oaf would buy that story.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkey’s $24bn question

September 16, 2022

Mystery sum helping to finance chronic current account deficit could be linked to ‘wealth amnesties’ allowing crime proceeds into banking system.