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ISTANBUL BLOG: A false spring for Turkish markets

February 28, 2021

Lira goes into reverse as global environment sours and unease grows over how Turkey’s newfound economic orthodoxy might not last.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Get ready for the official figures

February 9, 2021

Central bank chief, meanwhile, says no rate hike “for a long time”, though he has not defined “long time”.

ISTANBUL BLOG: “Let’s be realistic,” says banking chief conceding Turkey’s banks keep sunk loans afloat

February 4, 2021

“The lira is an attractive currency to borrow but we should make the lira an attractive currency with which to invest,” head of banking association and Ziraat Bank also observes in live interview.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Finance industry calling below 7.00 for USD/TRY

February 2, 2021

If individual investors come together to blast towards the stop-loss levels, the FED will likely be asked for help.

BEYOND THE BOSPORUS: Let’s tentatively pencil in a date for Turkey’s hot money outflow

January 16, 2021

As even Erdoganist business representatives start to grow agitated in the face of hiked interest rates, global finance makes it clear nobody believes the monetary tightening story will last.