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MOSCOW BLOG: Sanctions hit a brick wall

June 29, 2022

The world is being divided into two: the West vs Russia and the nonaligned countries. The race to shore up these new relations is on. But the West has run out of one-way sanctions that hurt Russia but do little damage to the West.

MOSCOW BLOG: Energy wars and green energy

June 10, 2022

How successful will the West be in the coming energy wars and is it wishful thinking that Ukraine could use its Marshall Plan reconstruction money to become Europe's hydrogen powerhouse?

MOSCOW BLOG: The calculus of war

May 26, 2022

Russia is making steady, but very slow, progress in taking control of the Luhansk region. Russia outnumbers the Ukrainian forces by 7-1 in Donbas, but Ukraine’s forces outnumber Russia’s by the same 7-1 countrywide.

MOSCOW BLOG: Proxy war

April 29, 2022

Two big war developments: US President Joe Biden asked Congress to expand his mandate for presidential discretionary military spending to $33bn on April 28; German lawmakers approved a law that allows Germany to send heavy weapons (tanks) to Ukraine.

MOSCOW BLOG: First steps towards peace in Ukraine, but not there yet

March 30, 2022

The start of a concrete deal has been thrashed out, and more importantly, the Russian side seems to be happy enough with the progress that it has ordered its troops to pull back from Kyiv.