COMMENT: Russia will not tolerate the EU's new role in Nagorno-Karabakh peace process

Fuad Shahbazov June 8, 2022

The EU has gradually assumed a key role in the peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has undermined the Kremlin’s longstanding dominance in the region.

FPRI BMB Ukraine: Old political habits die hard

FPRI BMB Ukraine June 7, 2022

The head of the SBU’s Kharkiv regional branch has abruptly been fired by the president, the general director of the Antonov State Enterprise suspended, and the ombudswoman suddenly dismissed in the middle of the war. Is politics in Ukraine back?

Awaiting the anti-Erdogan

Michael Daventry June 6, 2022

Turkey’s most popular Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtas has channelled the Japanese anime spirit of Voltron to express his frustration at opposition inaction.

MACRO ADVISORY: Russia-Ukraine Conflict – Food for Thought (and sanctions relief)

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory in Moscow May 31, 2022

The Kremlin’s priority is to get full control of Donbas. The military action and statements by senior Russian officials suggest that Moscow is now entirely focused on gaining full control of the Donbas region as quickly as possible.

OBITUARY: Former Albanian president Bujar Nishani dies at 55

bne IntelliNews May 28, 2022

Nishani is Albania’s first post-communist president to pass away, following serious health problems

Decoupling from West to leave Russia as China’s junior partner

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 26, 2022

With the Ukraine war leading to a long-term economic rift between Russia and West, Russia is set to become dependent on a resurgent China, economists said on a Raiffeisen/wiiw panel.

MACRO ADVISORY: Ruble at 5-year high, how strong can it get?

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory in Moscow May 22, 2022

The current ruble exchange rate is where the government wants it to be – the fundamental rate is in the RUB75-85/$ corridor but it is currently trading at closer to RUB60/$

COMMENT: Sanctions are working, but the West risks isolating Russian reformers instead of galvanising them

bne IntelIiNews May 18, 2022

As the war rages on, more and more Russians report feeling the effects of sanctions. Under pressure to keep up the impressive rate of new sanctions, the West risks isolating liberal reformers from Russia's business community instead of oligarchs.

NEMETHY: Where are US markets? Where are they heading?

Les Nemethy CEO of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors May 18, 2022

Whereas in previous crises the Fed tried to actively stem crises, currently it seems to be proactively inducing the crisis.

COMMENT: Constanta concerns

Jeff Lightfoot in Constanta May 12, 2022

Five questions on the minds of business leaders and policymakers in Romania.

Sberbank faces a meltdown from its vast commercial real estate loan book

Jason Corcoran in London May 9, 2022

Sberbank, Russia’s largest lender, is facing a meltdown from the collapse in its commercial real estate loan book, which is estimated at RUB1.8 trillion ($28bn).

STOLYPIN: The sick man of Europe

Mark Galeotti May 8, 2022

Is Putin ill? Is Putin mad? Is Putin about to be toppled by a coup? The rumour mill is grinding on overtime, and although most of the lurid claims are implausible to say the least, they do remind us of Putin's absolute control over the system.

RIMMER: Turkey’s ‘Gandhi’ makes Erdogan ‘The Comeback Kid’

Julian Rimmer in London May 5, 2022

One last act of selflessness and devotion to his nation is required of Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu. He must forgo the opportunity of taking on Turkey’s despot and allow someone with box office appeal to take his place.

NEMETHY: How will the war in Ukraine affect Emerging Markets?

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors May 2, 2022

We have all heard the adage that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon could affect the weather patterns on the other side of the planet. Might the war in Ukraine also have such unintended consequences?

BOOK REVIEW: How the handling of migration from the eastern EU states pushed the UK towards Brexit

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 29, 2022

“Here to Stay: Eastern Europeans in Britain” tells the story of the half million citizens of the new EU member states who have moved to the UK since the early 21st century.

FPRI BMB Russia: Economic Transformation and “reverse industrialisation”

Alex Nice for FPRI BMB Russia in London April 28, 2022

In mid-March, Vladimir Putin gave his first substantial commentary on the economic consequences of Western sanctions. Russia is preparing for a scenario where sanctions are never lifted.

Why are Russian pundits claiming Romania is preparing to invade Transnistria?

bne IntelliNews April 26, 2022

No evidence for bizarre propaganda claims circulated in Russian press after series of attacks in Moldovan separatist republic, but they raise worrying questions about Moscow’s intentions.

COMMENT: Russia poised to exploit Mongolia on Soyuz–Vostok pipeline

Munkhnaran Bayarlkhagva in Ulaanbaatar April 24, 2022

Moscow is working to secure Mongolia as a junior partner for a new strategically important natural gas pipeline to China.

COMMENT: Ukraine sparks discussions of Russia’s modern empire

James C Pearce April 24, 2022

Most ethnic Russians are descended from peasants and serfs and don’t view themselves as brutal colonisers or chauvinist imperialists. But Russia was an empire from the time of Ivan III and is still going through a post-imperial readjustment.

HOMANS: Two Ukraine conversations in Washington DC

Robert Homans in Washington DC April 21, 2022

Last night I attended an event in Washington where I had two conversations relating to Ukraine: one with the principal of a consulting firm, and the other with an employee of the CIA.