WoE: The cost of the pandemic. What happens next? with Elina Ribakova, deputy chief economist for the Institute of International Finance (IIF)

April 7, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought the world’s economy to a shuddering stop. In many respects it is the biggest crisis humanity have face in decades, if not ever. But once the virus burns out what will happen then? There are two scenarios: a rapid bounce back or the beginnings of a

WoE: the world was ripe for a crisis, oil shocks and pandemic viruses made it worse

March 9, 2020

The oil price war that has broken out between Russia, Saudi Arabia and the US sent oil price tumbling this week. The fears of a global coronavirus pandemic has only made the collapse worse. But these things didn't cause the crisis. It only made them worse, argues Murray Gunn, an analyst with Elli

Gas wars down to the wire: Russia must respect the rule of law with Naftogaz executive director Yuriy Vitrenko

November 27, 2019

In order to grow Russia needs to respect the rule of law. Russia and Gazprom are upsetting the European energy security as they are ignoring rules and arbitration rulings they had agreed to respect. And this is happening as so few of our European leaders are willing to stand up and demand that Russi

WoE: Uzbekistan's people problem with Eugene Chausovsky of Stratfor

November 3, 2019

The initial excitement about the changes taking place in Uzbekistan since Uzbek president Shavkat Mirziyoyev took over two years ago are starting to wear off as the enormity of the challenge becomes clear. There is no lack of good ideas coming out of Tashkent, or even enthusiasm. What is lacking

WoE: Russia’s multi-billion dollar spending programme with Andrey Klepach, chief economists of Vnesheconombank

October 21, 2019

Russia’s economy is emerging from a nasty crisis in 2014-2016, but everyone agrees that growth is capped at 2% at best and incomes have been stagnant for six years already. Russia needs a new economic model and the Kremlin has launched a RUB27 trillion spending programme to transform the countr

WoE High tensions in the Middle East with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

October 14, 2019

WoE: high tensions in the Middle East Tensions are escalating in the Middle East after US president Donald Trump’s announcement that he was pulling US troops out of Syria. That gave a greenlight to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s desired incursion over the Syrian board to cleans

WoE: Ukraine going in the right direction

September 16, 2019

Ukraine has a new president and parliament. A raft of reformist legislation has been passed in just the first two weeks and the hectic agenda calls for a lot more by the end of the year. But many questions remain unanswered. So far investment has flooded into the local bond market and yields have

WoE: Ozon battling it out in Russia’s e-commerce race for market share

September 3, 2019

Russia’s e-commerce is booming, growing ten-times faster than the traditional economy but it still only accounts for 4.5% of the total retail turnover. But as the leading online retailers start over taking their bricks and mortar rivals the race is on to grab as much market share as possible befor

WoE: Russian stock market has been flying but can it last, with Jacob Grapengiesser of East Capital

August 15, 2019

Russia’s stock market is up over 20% YTD making it one of the best performing markets in the world. The RTS also finally broke out of its 900-1300 trading band where it has been stuck for most of the last five years since the annexation of Crimea. And Russian stocks pay the highest dividends in th

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