Protests in Belarus with Hanna Liubakova in Minsk

Protests in Belarus with Hanna Liubakova in Minsk

By bne IntelliNews June 23, 2020

Minsk saw and unprecedented protest over the weekend after people from across the country took to the streets to demonstrate against the arrest of leading opposition candidate in August’s president elections Viktor Babariko.

The incumbent Alexander Lukashenko is facing the biggest challenge to his 26 years in power as the people are angry at his mismanagement of the economy, the boorish attitude of the political elite and his total mishandling of the coronacrisis.

Now the police are starting to crack down, randomly arresting citizens who are simply lining up for a sale outside a shop or legally queuing up to add their signatures to the petitions of would-be opposition candidates. They have been shocked by state’s blatant repression. While a Maidan in Minsk doesn't seem to be on the cards, the situation is fluid and unstable.

bne IntelliNews editor-in-chief Ben Aris talks to Hanna Liubakova, a freelance journalist and media trainer in Minsk about what is going on and what to expect next.

Ben Aris, editor-in-chief, bne IntelliNews

Hanna Liubakova, journalist

Protests in Belarus with Hanna Liubakova in Minsk bne Intellinews

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