Romania’s top 50 brands lose 3.7% of their value

Romania’s top 50 brands lose 3.7% of their value
By Iulian Ernst in Bucharest March 26, 2021

The total value of the 50 top Romanian brands decreased by 3.7% y/y in 2021, to €5.6bn, amid global uncertainty caused by the pandemic, but it remains 50% above the level of 2017, according to the annual Brand Finance Romania 50 ranking.

Compared to the first edition, in 2017, 45 brands are still present in the top 50. Two of the missing ones — Bancpost and AKTA — have been taken over by competitors in the meantime.

Two brands stand out this year for their performances: Catena pharmacy chain entered the top 10, and Farmacia Tei, another pharmacy, boasted the fastest rise.

“At the moment, the riskier market situation is translated into more prudent discount rates in almost all sectors, which is reflected in the brand evaluations. All brands are still going through a turbulent period, but it is becoming increasingly clear that a stronger brand will be less shaken by the storm,” commented Mihai Bogdan, managing director, Brand Finance Romania.

Dacia car brand maintains its leading position in the ranking of brands for the fifth year in a row, even after a significant decrease in value, by 18% compared to last year, to €1.1bn.