Romania’s venture capital investments quadruple to €116mn in 2021

Romania’s venture capital investments quadruple to €116mn in 2021
By bne IntelliNews January 28, 2022

In 2021 the value of the Romanian venture capital market nearly quadrupled to €116mn according to the Romanian Venture Report 2021, launched by How to Web. The number of deals also shot up from 59 to 71. 

This is, however, only 0.1% of the €100bn European venture capital market that doubled in 2021.

The biggest investment of the year was FintechOS’ €51mn Series B round, which brought the Bucharest-based fintech startup to a valuation of $220mn.

Following their footsteps, some of the other teams that raised significant amounts were FlowX (€7.28mn), SeedBlink (€3.0mn), FameUp (€2.6mn), DRUID (€2.5mn).

All in all, in 2021 HowToWeb tracked 18 rounds with over €1mn in funding each, totalling 68% of all transaction volume, with an even Romanian/international capital split.

Even excluding the FintechOS round, the total volume raised has almost doubled from the overall €30.4mn in 2020 and grew by seven times from the €8.24mn volume of 2017.

Investments having Romanian capital went up from an overall volume of €23.32mn in 2020 to€43.46mn in 2021, while investments with international capital went from €7.07mn in 2020 to €73.48mn in 2021 (including the FintechOS Series B round).