New ESG Innovation Index praises Moscow city’s “tremendously effective public transport” and numerous edtech entrepreneurs

East West Digital News in Moscow November 26, 2021

Moscow ranks second among Europe’s largest cities in the ‘Future City ESG Innovation Index,’ put together by Munich-based think tank DEEP Ecosystems.

Russian digital banking giant Tinkoff acquires payment automation service Jump.Finance

East West Digital News in Moscow November 26, 2021

Tinkoff, the Russian digital banking giant, has taken control of Just Look, the company behind the Jump.Finance payment automation service. Tinkoff purchased a 51% stake under undisclosed terms.

Moldova disburses €70mn from state budget to pay gas bill to Gazprom

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest November 26, 2021

Russian gas major had threatened to switch off gas supplies to Moldova over unpaid gas bill.

63 dead in Siberian mine methane explosion tragedy

bne IntelliNews November 26, 2021

Over 63 miners died during a methane gas explosion in a Siberian mine on November 25. "According to preliminary information, no one is left alive in the mine," state news agency TASS

Moscow loudly protests against war talk as US continues to accuse Russia of a military build-up

Ben Aris in Berlin November 26, 2021

Moscow has loudly protested against western talk of a possible invasion of Ukraine, but at the same time continues preparing for a possible military clash with Nato.

Russia’s e-commerce trade growth expected to slow to 10% in 2021

bne IntelliNews November 26, 2021

The volume of Russia’s e-commerce trade is expected to slow to 10% in 2021 after it expanded by the pandemic lockdown bump of 59% in 2020, Russian Online Retail Association (AKIT) President Artyom Sokolov told Russian newswire PRIME.

Russia’s industrial production growth accelerated to 7.1% y/y in October

bne IntelliNews November 25, 2021

Russia’s industrial production growth accelerated to 7.1% y/y in October from 6.9% y/y in September, which meant output was up 5.0% y/y in 10m21, Rostat reports.

Tech giant Yandex shakes up UK market with ultrafast grocer Yango Deli

Theo Normanton in Moscow November 25, 2021

The ultrafast format is taking cities by storm. Evgeny Chernikov, general manager of Yango Deli UK, talks about the company’s recent launch in London, what ultrafast groceries will look like in the future, and Yango Deli's plan to succeed.

Migrants continue to try to cross Poland’s border from Belarus, but the camp has gone

Ben Aris in Berlin November 25, 2021

Middle Eastern migrants continue to try to storm the Polish border from Belarus, but security forces say the woodland camp is largely gone.

LONG READ: Russia looks poised to invade Ukraine, but what would an invasion actually look like?

Gav Don in Edinburgh November 24, 2021

Tensions are high and there is talk of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia. But what would that actually look like? How much destruction would it cause and how many people would die?

Competitors are motivation, lockdowns are an opportunity

Theo Normanton in Moscow November 24, 2021

As huge swathes of the global population went into lockdown, many retailers faced heavy losses. The trends developing before the pandemic picked up pace, with online shopping and sustainable manufacturing gaining traction.

Moscow claims US rehearsing nuclear strike against Russia as East-West tensions rise further

bne IntelliNews November 24, 2021

Russia claims that US bombers flying only 20 km from Russia’s border were rehearsing a nuclear strike on Russia from two different directions earlier this month, the Defence Ministry said in a statement on November 23.

Ukraine asks Gazprom to extend gas transit deal for 15 years

bne IntelliNews November 24, 2021

Ukraine has asked Russia’s gas behemoth Gazprom to extend the current gas transit deal that expires in 2024 for another 15 years and has offered to cut transit fees in half.

Russia’s Gazprom threatens to cut Moldova’s gas off in 48 hours over unpaid bill

Ben Aris in Berlin, Iulian Ernst in Bucharest November 23, 2021

Russia’s national gas company Gazprom warned the Moldovan government on November 22 it would cut off gas supplies unless an overdue payment for gas was settled within 48 hours.

US Senator Menendez submits new harsh Russian sanctions bill if Ukraine invaded

bne IntelliNews November 22, 2021

With geopolitical tensions rising to their highest level since April on reports of a Russian troop build-up near Ukraine, US Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez introduced possible harsh new sanctions on Russia to a defence spending bill.

bneGREEN: Russian metallurgical giants see growing demand for low-carbon metals

Theo Normanton in Moscow November 22, 2021

Metals demand is booming as increased use in transport products and energy transition projects to curb climate change begin to roll out in larger scale. And that is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Russian retail investment boom drives IPO of SPB Exchange

bne IntelliNews November 22, 2021

Russia's second-largest stock exchange bourse, SPB Exchange, has raised about $175mn in a highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO) on its own platform, Reuters reported citing the announcement of the bourse.

Ukrainian sting operation lured Wagner fighters to Minsk – Bellingcat

bne IntelIiNews November 22, 2021

A group of alleged Russian mercenaries was arrested and deported in Minsk in July 2021. Now, a report says that they were lured there by Ukrainian military intelligence in a brazen operation ultimately designed to bring them before a Ukrainian court.

Putin calls on Lukashenko to start dialogue with Belarusian opposition

Ben Aris in Berlin November 19, 2021

The Russian president’s proposal was quickly knocked back by opposition-in-exile, which says Lukashenko must free political prisoners before any such talks can be considered.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses West of escalating military tensions, calls for security guarantees

Ben Aris in Berlin November 19, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of "escalating" military tensions by selling arms to Ukraine, holding unscheduled naval drills in the Black Sea and flying bombers near its borders in a speech on November 18.