bneGREEN: Green transition is $10.3 trillion opportunity for the global economy by 2050, new report finds

by Roberta Harrington in London January 11, 2023

New green industries could be worth $10.3 trillion to the global economy by 2050, equivalent to 5.2% of global GDP that year, finds a new report by Arup and Oxford Economics.

Russian budget ends 2022 with a 1.8% deficit ahead of plan, says Sulianov

bne IntelliNews January 11, 2023

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said at a government meeting on January 10 that the country's federal budget deficit for 2022 had exceeded plan and ended the year at less than the 2% of GDP forecast earlier in the year.

Ukraine’s inflation falling month on month but up to 26.6% y/y

bne IntelliNews January 10, 2023

Consumer price growth in Ukraine remained unchanged in December 2022, at 0.7% m/m, the same as in November, but lower than previous months, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on January 10, Interfax Ukraine reports.

NEMETHY: Key economic and financial drivers to watch in 2023

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors January 10, 2023

There is an old joke that the role of economic forecasters is to make astrologers look good. Forecasting GDP or inflation for the upcoming year with any degree of accuracy is virtually impossible, but there are some scary signs appearing.

The ruble recovers December losses as new year starts

bne IntelliNews January 10, 2023

On the first working day, the ruble rose in price against the dollar and the euro to a level that was recorded at the end of last year, having won back all of its losses over the holidays as of January 2.

CENUSA: Preventing Russian threats in 2023: three priorities for risk reduction for the West.

Denis Cenusa in Germany January 10, 2023

"The failure to prevent the crisis in Ukraine exposed the limitations of the warning and risk reduction mechanisms used by the EU..."

The looming fight over nuclear power in Kyrgyzstan

Aiday Erkebaeva for Eurasianet January 9, 2023

Can safety protocols be maintained in a poor country like Kyrgyzstan, where corruption is rampant?

Russia claims to kill 600 Ukrainian soldiers in retaliation for Ukraine’s New Year’s Eve missile strike on Russian barracks

bne IntelliNews January 9, 2023

Russian authorities claim to have killed 600 Ukrainian servicemen in a retaliatory strike after Ukraine killed 400 Russians with a missile strike on New Year's Eve.

Warm weather allows Germany to refill gas tanks in the middle of winter

bne IntelliNews January 9, 2023

Record-high December and January temperatures have allowed Germany to inject more gas into its gas tanks to hit 90% full as of January 6, from 87% a few weeks ago, in an unprecedented result.

GUSTAFSON: Russian nuclear power – unsanctioned – is prospering worldwide

Professor Thane Gustafson in Washington January 8, 2023

As the Western nuclear industry flounders, Russia’s Rosatom is building nuclear power plants on time and under budget around the world, while selling uranium to the United States.

The West breaks heavy weapons taboo, but is it enough for Ukraine to win?

Dominic Culverwell in London January 8, 2023

Kyiv is sending a strong message to the West; Ukraine needs offensive weapons if it's going to win this war.

bneGREEN: Record 2022 for coal threatens green targets

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh January 6, 2023

World coal consumption reached a new high in 2022 before levelling out in 2023 and 2024, with rising usage in emerging Asian countries cancelling out falling demand in advanced economies.

Chinese car makers expected to rapidly expand in Russia in 2023

Ben Aris in Berlin January 6, 2023

The exit of the international car makers from Russia following the invasion of Ukraine has left a huge hole in what is one of the biggest car markets in Europe. China’s leading brands are rapidly moving in to fill the void.

Mutual FDI in Eurasia has been dominated by Russia, but war and sanctions make the outlook uncertain

Ben Aris in Berlin January 6, 2023

Mutual FDI stock in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries grew fast until Russia went into recession in 2012, when its GDP growth sank to zero. However, it soon started to recover, with Russia playing the leading role in the region.

Putin orders surprise 36-hour Orthodox Christmas ceasefire in Ukraine war

Ben Aris in Berlin January 5, 2023

In a surprise move, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a 36-hour ceasefire in Ukraine in observance of Orthodox Christmas.

Eurasian Development Bank council agrees to reduce Russia’s stake - document

bne IntelliNews January 5, 2023

Russia will lose its majority stake in the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) after the council of the Kazakhstan-based bank approved a redistribution of member states’ shares, according to a document seen by bne IntelliNews.

Mortality rates from the Ukraine war are highest in Russia’s poorest regions

bne IntelliNews January 5, 2023

Russian opposition publication Mediazona released a map on social media that shows the highest mortality rates from the war in Ukraine are in Russia’s poorest regions.

January temperature records broken across Europe

Anna Fleck for Statista January 5, 2023

Eight countries in Europe recorded all-time high temperature records for January on New Year’s Day this year. The following data draws from the visualization of meteorologist Scott Duncan and reports by the BBC, Statista reports.

Fighting back: Graph shows how Russia failed to keep Ukrainian territory

Dominic Culverwell in London January 4, 2023

Russia currently controls 16.55% of Ukraine, a huge drop from its peak of nearly 25% in March. War Mapper, an Open Source Intelligence Twitter account, uploaded several graphs on January 3 visualising the ongoing battle for territorial control.

Kazakhstan moves uranium exports through Middle Corridor

Joanna Lillis for Eurasianet January 4, 2023

Kazatomprom said it was avoiding routes across Russia due to sanctions on the country.