Twitter suspends Serbian diplomatic accounts

bne IntelliNews August 24, 2022

It's not known why Twitter suspended the accounts of several Serbian embassies, though it follows a significant rise in tensions between Serbia and Kosovo.

Serbian minister visits Moscow amid unresolved dispute with Kosovo

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 23, 2022

Pro-Russian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin meets top Russian officials on visit to Moscow as Serbia continues to defy EU pressure to join sanctions against Russia.

US, EU officials launch diplomatic offensive after failed Serbia-Kosovo meeting in Brussels

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 22, 2022

EU High Representative Josep Borrell says both sides need to avoid escalation on the ground after Pristina's new rules on ID documents and car number plates raised tensions.

Vucic-Kurti meeting ends without agreement, but talks continue

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 18, 2022

EU officials pushing for a quick solution to avoid another conflict in the region following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

bneGREEN: Cleaning up the Western Balkans’ waste problem

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow August 17, 2022

Waste generation has increased sharply in recent decades, but waste management infrastructure has in general failed to keep up.

Emerging Europe governments paying parents to have babies to stem population decline

bne IntelliNews August 17, 2022

Governments in several counties across Emerging Europe have launched pro-natal policies where parents receive financial benefits and tax breaks for having more babies.

Serbian opposition politician plans to start talks on Russian sanctions

bne IntelliNews August 17, 2022

Borko Stefanovic says Serbia needs to examine what refusing to align with EU policy means for the economy and EU accession process.

e-commerce transactions in Serbia up 29% y/y in 2Q22

bne IntelliNews August 16, 2022

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in Serbia, even though the market lags behind Central and Western Europe.

Serbia’s annual inflation accelerates further to 12.8% in July

bne IntelliNews August 14, 2022

Serbia's trade ministry decided to cap bread prices to protect citizens' standard of living after double-digit inflation for bread and cereals.

Population decline to take Emerging Europe back to the early 20th century

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow August 12, 2022

Population decline across almost all of Emerging Europe will result in the populations of many countries dropping to levels not seen since the early 20th century.

BALKAN BLOG: Southeast Europe’s ties to Russia prove hard to sever

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow August 10, 2022

Bulgaria shifts back towards Russian orbit after reformist government toppled. Montenegro could be next.

Serbia to crack down on environmental crime

bne IntelliNews August 9, 2022

Interior minister warns those who destroy Serbia’s natural heritage will be prosecuted after new environmental crime unit files hundreds of criminal reports.

Kosovo’s PM Kurti says risk of new conflict with Serbia is high

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 9, 2022

Albin Kurti claims Russia contributed to recent standoff between Kosovo and Serbia, and fears new wars could break out in Moldova and the Western Balkans.

Shipping and agriculture suffer as drought causes dramatic fall in Danube

bne IntelliNews August 8, 2022

Water levels are critically low in Romania, which is both a major EU grain producer and a channel to export Ukrainian grain to international markets.

Leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to meet as they pull back from brink of conflict

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje August 7, 2022

Serbia’s Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo’s Albin Kurti to meet after Pristina’s decision not to recognise Serbian ID documents escalated tensions.

bneGREEN: Europe must double wind and solar deployment

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh July 29, 2022

EU countries need to double the rate of annual wind and solar capacity additions to reach the volumes required to meet the 1.5C aligned 2030 green capacities, think-tank Ember said in a recent report.

Drought damage to European grain harvest piles on top of Ukraine war impact

bne IntelliNews July 28, 2022

Extreme heat and droughts across several European countries have led to forecasts for this year’s harvests being reduced.

Serbia’s push into Africa revives old Cold War ties

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow July 24, 2022

Belgrade is reviving ties forged during Yugoslavia’s time as a leader of the non-aligned movement now a new Cold War is looming.

Firefighters battle wildfires in Southeast Europe as heatwave spreads east

bne IntelliNews July 21, 2022

The heatwave that caused havoc in Western Europe is now moving north and east, with temperatures in Southeast Europe expected to peak over the weekend.

DATACRUNCH: Stagflation visualisation

Ben Aris in Berlin July 18, 2022

Stagflation is here. The world is facing a global recession that could go on for several years as central banks everywhere will be forced to put through growth-crushing large rate hikes to control runaway inflation. But just how bad is it now?