Sistemma launches Russian analogue to ChatGPT

Sistemma launches Russian analogue to ChatGPT
Sistemma launches Russian analogue to ChatGPT / bne IntelliNews
By bne IntelliNews March 27, 2023

Russian data analysis, modelling and data processing company Sistemma has launched an AI called SistemmaGPT, which is a functional analogue of Elon Musk’s ChatGPT, the company said in a statement on March 26.

The AI has been developed using Sistemma's own research and development in combination with the work done by Stanford University. SistemmaGPT is now available for businesses to test.

The company should not be confused with the multi-industry and London-listed conglomerate AFK Sistema that also has investments in the tech world.

Sistemma stated that the AI model operates on Russian servers and has been specifically adapted to cater to the needs of businesses and users in Russia. It is capable of analysing large volumes of data to find insights, serving as a virtual assistant to communicate with clients, and creating customised recommendations, Prime reports.

The company added that SistemmaGPT will first be used to integrate office processes in commercial and government organisations. the company said it is also actively developing an image and video processing program that will solve complex vision tasks and will be released in June.

The spokesperson for Sistema has confirmed that the model works in both English and Russian, providing versatility to users. The AI can analyse big data and provide personalised recommendations.

The system’s features include:

  • Data analysis: SistemmaGPT can analyse a large amount of data to find useful information for businesses.
  • Customer service: SistemmaGPT can act as a virtual assistant to answer customer questions, provide information and fix problems.
  • Recommendation system: SistemmaGPT can create personalised recommendations for products and services based on customer preferences and needs.
  • Order processing: SistemmaGPT can take orders and calls from customers, saving time and money for human workers.
  • Email management: SistemmaGPT can respond to emails from customers or partners quickly and politely, improving communication.
  • Social media engagement: SistemmaGPT can interact with social media users by posting, commenting, liking, sharing and following to increase the business's popularity and trustworthiness.