Survey finds 76% of young people in Turkey would leave country to find better future, only 18% "happy"

By bne IntelIiNews September 30, 2020

Some 76% of young people in Turkey would leave the country to find a better future, according to a survey compiled by Istanbul’s Yeditepe University and MAK company, bianet has reported.

Also among people in the 18-29 age group, 64% were ready to leave Turkey if they were offered the citizenship of another country while one in two described themselves as not happy with life, the survey reportedly found.

When asked about whether they are happy, 27.5% said they were not and 23% said they were not at all happy. Only 18.2% said they were happy and 23.5% were neither happy nor unhappy.

The pollsters were cited as saying the unhappiness of the respondents who should be in the "best times of their lives" was "alarming."

When asked about what was required to achieve happiness, 26.2% said "money" and 16.6% said "career."

As for religion, 82.8% of the participants said they would define themselves as "someone who has a religion" whereas 72.7% said they believed in the afterlife.

A total of 77.9% said they did not think any of the Turkish political parties could solve Turkey’s problems.

When asked, "If you ruled this country, what would be the problems that you would solve first?" 46.7% of respondents replied "unemployment-employment," 8.8% said "high living costs" and 7.6% said "justice."

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