Impending Eurozone crisis to take its toll on CEE economies

Clare Nuttall in Tirana November 8, 2018

Central and Southeast Europe are enjoying robust growth but there are risks ahead, the biggest of which is threatened a new Eurozone crisis centred on Italy that now looks “pretty likely”, wiiw economists warn.

The flood of Ukrainians leaving to work in EU countries has reached its peak

Ben Aris in Berlin November 8, 2018

Ukrainians flooded into Poland and other EU countries from 2014, filling empty workplaces in the booming CEE economies, but this movement has peaked and will stabilise or start to decrease in 2019, according to an OSW report.

Attitudes to religion and minorities in Eastern Europe remain largely unreformed after 25 years of democracy

Ben Aris in Berlin November 1, 2018

Most of emerging Europe has yet to embrace the liberal values of Western Europe, found a survey by the Pew Research Centre released on October 30.

President Radev emerges as Bulgaria’s new saviour

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia October 25, 2018

The daring fighter pilot and political newcomer is the latest leader to capture the hearts of the Bulgarian population as former “man of the people” PM Boyko Borissov’s appeal wanes.

Morgan Stanley sees Russian e-commerce grow nearly 3-fold by 2023

Adrien Henni in Moscow for East West Digital News October 25, 2018

Russian e-commerce market for physical goods will grow to $31bn by 2020 and may reach $52bn by 2023 according to Morgan Stanley

CONFERENCE CALL: Making multilateralism work in the face of a nationalist backlash

Ben Aris in Rhodes October 22, 2018

The global population is growing and that is changing everything. Exponential demographic expansion is a challenge we are as yet unqualified to deal with, argued ex-German foreign minister Joschka Fischer at the Rhodes summit this year.

Tourists head off the beaten track in CEE and Eurasia

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest October 19, 2018

Exotic destinations in Central Asia and the Caucasus saw the region’s sharpest increase in tourist spend in the last seven years, a report from the WNWTO shows.

Ukraine’s renewable rush still faces uncertainties

Fabrice Deprez in Nikopol October 19, 2018

Ukrainian energy companies are rushing into new renewable power projects to take advantage of "green tariffs," and the country is ideal for wind and solar power, but experts worry the momentum may be lost later this year when regulations change