CONFERENCE CALL: Romania to take over EU Council presidency at a critical moment

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest October 19, 2018

Romania will preside over the EU Council as the bloc prepares for Brexit — arguably its biggest ever challenge — but political infighting in Bucharest and clashes with Brussels over judicial reform raise the question: is Romania up to the job?

ALACO DISPATCHES: Stability in Iraq undermined by US sanctions attack on Iran

Yigal Chazan of Alaco October 17, 2018

Unless they can negotiate exemptions, the Iraqis are likely to suffer collateral damage.

INTERVIEW: Russia’s game in Syria

Ben Aris in Rhodes October 9, 2018

The military phase of the war in Syria is coming to an end and the Russians say they will withdraw their forces, but will happen next? bne IntelliNews editor Ben Aris sat down with Israel’s former prime minister Olmert Ehud to find out more.

KRUK REPORT: Civil activism in Ukraine is deadly dangerous

Kateryna Kruk September 28, 2018

In less than one year, 55 regional activists have been beaten, attacked with knives or acid and even shot. Why is being an activist in Ukraine dangerous again?

COMMENT: Delinking the Baltic electricity grid from Russia on Brussels’ dime

Richard Smith in London September 28, 2018

In Soviet times Lithuania's electric grid was integrated with those of neighbouring SSRs Belarus, Russia, Estonia, and Latvia, but now the small republic plans to delink its power grid ending the BRELL agreements and throw in its lot with the EU

THEATRE REVIEW: Homo Novus theatre festival urges the public to listen to nature

Vadim Dumesh in Riga September 28, 2018

Contemporary theatre festival Homo Novus in Riga grapples with nature-culture puzzle of the Anthropocene.

COMMENT: A concerning increase of Romania’s foreign debt

Alexandru M. Tanase in London September 28, 2018

In the last two and a half years almost €4.7bn has been added to Romania's total foreign debt, an increase closely connected to the populist promises made during the last general election.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Could China scupper Trump’s bid to bring Iran to heel?

Yigal Chazan of Alaco September 25, 2018

Beijing’s imports of Iranian oil may take the sting out of America’s re-imposition of sanctions.