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bne IntelliNews January 16, 2019

China allows 2,000 ethnic Kazakhs to leave amid “re-education camps” backlash

bne IntelliNews January 10, 2019

Fearing loss of investment, Kazakhstan said little about the controversy. But international outrage appears to have tipped the scales.

One in seven workers in Eastern Europe report delayed paychecks

bne IntelliNews January 7, 2019

Part-time workers were disproportionately affected by pay delays, with 22% saying they had received late pay, compared to 14% of full-time workers.

HEATMAPS: Inflation is defeated but the "Never Never index" still too high

Ben Aris in Berlin January 7, 2019

Sky high inflation has been the bane of emerging Europe for most of the last two and a half decades. The beast has been slain in most countries of the region, but the battle continues in others.

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bne IntelliNews December 21, 2018

bne IntelliNews is publishing 2019 outlooks for the countries we cover.

OUTLOOK 2019 Kazakhstan

bne IntelliNews December 21, 2018

Kazakh GDP grew by 4.1% y/y in the first 10 months of 2018. The growth rate stood largely unchanged in comparison to the figures reported in the first nine months, first half and first quarter of 2018 - growth uniformly stood at 4%-4.1% throughout th