CONFERENCE CALL: Romania to take over EU Council presidency at a critical moment

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest October 19, 2018

Romania will preside over the EU Council as the bloc prepares for Brexit — arguably its biggest ever challenge — but political infighting in Bucharest and clashes with Brussels over judicial reform raise the question: is Romania up to the job?

Romania’s central bank endorses tighter retail lending regulations

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest October 18, 2018

The BNR played down the macroeconomic impact of the decisions, but coming at a time of economic slowdown they are expected to further depress consumer and business confidence.

ICT sector pushes Bulgaria, Romania to respectable rankings on global competitiveness index

bne IntelliNews October 17, 2018

Both Southeast European countries were ranked below most of their EU peers in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2018, but performed well in the ICT category.

Romania’s construction index plunges over 10% y/y in August

bne IntelliNews October 17, 2018

Deepest decline was in the residential segment.

More than a third of Bulgarians and Romanians at risk of poverty

bne IntelliNews October 16, 2018

Two Southeast European states have the highest risk of poverty and social inclusion among EU members, while the lowest risks are in the Czech Republic.

Romania ranked worst among EU countries on Social Progress Index

bne IntelliNews October 16, 2018

Romania’s low scores, in particular for water, sanitation and public health, reveal deficiencies in the distribution of economic growth and public spending, report's author says.

Romania confirms 4.1% GDP growth in Q2

bne IntelliNews October 11, 2018

Rising private consumption has driven up the consumption of services, but growth was robust in industry as well.

Croatia posts highest increase in insolvencies in CEE in 2017

bne IntelliNews October 9, 2018

The surge is explained by the current bankruptcy law, under which the National Financial Agency is obliged to start bankruptcy proceedings for any company whose accounts have been blocked for more than 120 days, Coffee study finds.

Romanians to vote in marriage referendum

Carmen Simion in Bucharest October 5, 2018

The referendum concerns a redefinition of "family" that if passed would make it even more difficult to legalise gay marriage, which is already banned by Romanian legislation.

Businessman implicated in $1bn bank frauds linked to Air Moldova acquisition

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest October 5, 2018

Romanian budget carrier Blue Air's name is on the deal but investigations by Moldovan media point to the Russian owners of Chisinau Airport operator Avia Invest — recently managed by businessman Ilan Shor — as the real new owners of Air Moldova.

Romania lowcoster Blue Air buys Moldovan flag carrier in €61.5mn deal

bne IntelliNews October 3, 2018

Acquisition follows Blue Air's fast expansion on the Romanian market, where it is now the second largest player in terms of passenger traffic.

UK foreign secretary alienates CEE by likening EU to Soviet Union

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw October 2, 2018

Jeremy Hunt scores own goal as he angers politicians in countries that had been advocating a lenient approach to Brexit.

European Commission to take Romania to court if revised justice laws "break the rules"

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest October 2, 2018

EC First Vice-President Frans Timmermans warns Bucharest over changes to justice laws and criminal codes that threaten the rule of law.

COMMENT: A concerning increase of Romania’s foreign debt

Alexandru M. Tanase in London September 28, 2018

In the last two and a half years almost €4.7bn has been added to Romania's total foreign debt, an increase closely connected to the populist promises made during the last general election.

Romania’s “disobedient” GenZ shun employment for startups

Clare Nuttall in Bucharest September 26, 2018

Company ownership by young adults has soared as young Romanian adults shy away from the 9 to 5 in favour of founding new businesses, many of them in creative sectors.

Slovenia leads CEE/SEE region in R&D spending

bne IntelliNews September 26, 2018

The tiny Adriatic nation's R&D spending is the highest in the region relative to the size of its economy, European Commission data shows.

Romania's VAT collection rate weakest among EU-28

bne IntelliNews September 25, 2018

Romania was the only EU member state to see VAT collection contract, despite a cut in its effective VAT rate.

Analysts expect high dividend yield on Bucharest exchange in 2019

bne IntelliNews September 24, 2018

Tradeville analysts anticipate average dividend yield of 8.83% on blue chip index BET if the state continues to demand companies in its portfolio pay 90% of their profits as dividends.

PSD leader Dragnea retains control over Romania's ruling party

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest September 24, 2018

Liviu Dragnea defeated a dissident faction who sought his resignation, securing his position at the helm of Romania's ruling PSD — for now.