US opts not to sanction Iran’s Chabahar port after Indian, Afghan pressure

bne IntelliNews November 8, 2018

New Delhi is developing facility to open up trade corridor that bypasses Pakistan. Project will open gateways into Central Asia via Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

Russia to restart importing Turkmen gas after three years

bne IntelliNews October 10, 2018

Turkmenistan, hit by a financial crisis that has even led to passport-based bread rationing, will hope for major revenues.

Turkish, Russian devaluations are spilling over into Central Asia and the Caucuses

bne IntelliNews September 3, 2018

The Turkish currency crisis is not expected to cause contagion in other emerging markets but it has hurt the currencies of its regional neighbours where it plays a more important role via trade, banking and investment links.

Can ‘Stans’ integration tempt the Taliban into breakthrough talks?

Kanat Shaku in Almaty August 30, 2018

To all-round surprise, the Islamic fundamentalists six months ago offered to protect Afghanistan's section of the planned TAPI gas pipeline. Observers now wonder if they might eventually shake their addiction to an opium-hooked economy.

Smallprint shows Caspian Sea summit was not the ‘summit to end all summits’

Ben Aris in Berlin August 13, 2018

Signing of convention made for a nice photocall, but expect more interminable wrangling on how to divide up the oil and gas resources.