SWIFT suspends Iranian banks’ use of interbank transfer network

bne IntelliNews November 5, 2018

Move intensifies fears that hardline US sanctions regime could lead to food and medicine shortages in Iran.

Russia to double support to local winemakers

bne IntelliNews November 5, 2018

Russia's Ministry of Agriculture will more than double the state support to domestic winemakers to RUB3bn ($45mn) in 2019 up from RUB1.4bn in 2018, Interfax reported citing the deputy minister Oksana Lut.

Naftogaz began work on “Plan B” in case the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is completed

bne IntelliNews November 5, 2018

Ukraine’s state-owned gas monopolist Naftogaz's worst fears of losing its Russian gas transit business could come true after the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline comes online in 2019

Ukraine exercises its call option on the expensive August $725mn Eurobonds

bne IntelliNews November 5, 2018

The Eurobond was issued as bridge financing to get the government through its repayments schedule this autumn.

Turkish inflation again worse than expectations but with a weaker punch

Akin Nazli in Belgrade November 5, 2018

Analysts see country as going through a brutal downturn and worry Erdogan administration will relent on monetary and fiscal discipline.

Iran in “war situation” says Rouhani as heavy US sanctions kick in

bne IntelliNews November 5, 2018

As state TV airs pictures of military manoeuvres, president vows to confront “bullying enemy” and overcome economic attack.

Boxing may be knocked out of Olympics after election of claimed Uzbek crime boss as association head

bne IntelliNews November 5, 2018

Only other candidate, Serik Konakbayev, a well-known Soviet-era boxer from Kazakhstan, may ask for a 'rematch' in bid to preserve sport's prestige.

“Buried” document stash links Romania’s ruling coalition leader to scandal-hit construction company

bne IntelliNews November 5, 2018

Documents apparently buried for over a year and discovered by chance revealed links between PSD leader Liviu Dragnea and Tel Drum, a construction company under investigation for suspected EU funds fraud.

Ukrainian acid attack victim Kateryna Handziuk dies of her injuries

Ben Aris in Berlin November 5, 2018

The attack on the 33-year-old activist touched a nerve in Ukraine, where killings of civil rights and anti-corruption figures have become increasingly common.

Jaguar Land Rover opens engineering centre in Budapest

bne IntelliNews November 4, 2018

Hungary's vehicle sector has been the main target for investors in the country, who have received generous cash subsidies and tax breaks.

Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece plan joint bid to host 2030 World Cup

Carmen Simion in Bucharest November 4, 2018

A successful bid would require billions of euros to be spent on building new stadiums and improving transport infrastructure.

IRAN BLOG: Bully boy Trump mocks Iranians with ‘GoT’ economic winter meme

Will Conroy in Prague November 3, 2018

No exceptions made for shipments of basic foods and medicines in big sanctions announcement. LOL?

Armenia pushes out Moscow-led military bloc chief ahead of general election

Will Conroy in Prague November 2, 2018

Move sharpens interest in how relations between Yerevan and the Kremlin might evolve if post-revolution “people power” coalition secures expected landslide.

Being on Russia's sanctions list is "an honour", says Ukraine's Poroshenko

bne IntelliNews November 2, 2018

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko considers Russia's sanctions imposed on November 1 against hundreds of the nation's companies, businessmen and politicians "a kind of state award".

US reportedly agrees outline waivers on Iranian oil embargo

bne IntelliNews November 1, 2018

White House National Security Advisor John Bolton adds to speculation that policy will be softened by saying: "We want… maximum pressure, but we don't want to harm friends."

Trump, Erdogan speak on phone after Turkish attacks force halt to campaign against Islamic State in Syria

bne IntelliNews November 1, 2018

Washington and Ankara remain divided over what role US-armed Kurdish forces should be allowed to play in the conflict-torn country.

Russian savings rate drops to the lowest level in 15 years as Russian start to spend more freely

Ben Aris in Berlin November 1, 2018

The rate of household savings in August-September decreased to values significantly below the levels of 2013–2014, the central bank said.

US overtakes Russia to become the world's biggest oil producer

bne IntelliNews November 1, 2018

Russia has been the biggest single producer of oil in terms of barrels produced a day for several years, but the shale oil revolution in the US has seen production skyrocket recently.

Russia imposes sanctions against Ukraine companies, businessmen, politicians

bne IntelliNews November 1, 2018

Russia has imposed economic sanctions on 322 Ukrainian individuals and 68 legal entities, among which are public companies, oligarchs as well as politicians, according to the special resolution signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Nove

Turkey’s foreign trade gap closes to lowest level since 2001 economic crisis

Akin Nazli in Belgrade November 1, 2018

Capital Economics sees banking sector avoiding trauma but anticipates severe credit crunch amid country’s economic turmoil.