Disasters in the making

Will Conroy in Prague September 19, 2020

Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan among countries ranked most vulnerable by inaugural edition of Ecological Threat Register.

Turkey takes assertive role in Caucasus conflict

Ayla Jean Yackley for Eurasianet September 16, 2020

The shift is motivated in part by energy considerations and in part by nationalist politics.

Azerbaijani power struggle intensifies

Eurasianet September 10, 2020

The under-the-surface schism within the government has dominated public discourse in Azerbaijan in recent weeks.

With Turkish backing, Azerbaijan ups rhetoric against Russia

Joshua Kucera for Eurasianet September 3, 2020

It remains to be seen if this is yet another tactical balancing act on Baku’s part, or the sign of a more substantial shift.

International mediation mechanism for Armenia, Azerbaijan conflict “does not seem fit for purpose” says former co-chair

bne IntelIiNews August 28, 2020

Noting July skirmishes took place far from contested Nagorno Karabakh territory, former US diplomat says clashes “may have unleashed a dangerous new geopolitical dynamic” partly given their proximity to strategic oil and gas pipelines.

Azerbaijan's revised budget highlights hit to public finances from oil and virus says Fitch

bne IntelIiNews August 26, 2020

Planned deficit raised to 12.4% of GDP from 2.3%. Baku forced to raid sovereign wealth fund to support manat.

'Daunting challenges lie in way of those minded to revive Trans-Caspian Pipeline project'

bne IntelIiNews August 23, 2020

Analyst says: “TCP has great political appeal and is destined to remain alive for many years, if only on PowerPoint presentations... it will provide fodder for politicians and bureaucrats (ignorant of or not understanding commercial realities)."

Azerbaijan faces growing water shortage

Eurasianet August 23, 2020

Water supply has been a problem for years, but the issue has become so acute in recent months that it has begun to receive high-level attention.