Officials from nations “representing US” visited Iran says Iranian national security spokesman

bne IntelliNews May 23, 2019

“Message of power and resistance of Iranian nation was conveyed to them”. Ex-British navy chief, meanwhile, cautions Americans would need million or more soldiers to occupy Iran. Warns of Iraq War-style quagmire.

Turkey has closed its ports to Iranian oil: reports

bne IntelliNews May 21, 2019

If the move is confirmed it would fly in the face of aggressive rhetoric from Ankara in which it has said the US cannot deny it the right to import energy shipments from its neighbour.

Rouhani wants wartime executive powers to address “economic war” waged by US on Iran

bne IntelliNews May 21, 2019

Iranian president says Trump’s approach to tensions means "today’s situation is not suitable for talks and our choice is resistance only".

Iran erecting native firewall amid fears of intensified Israeli, US cyberwarfare

bne IntelliNews May 17, 2019

Since the Stuxnet virus wrought havoc at its Natanz nuclear site, Iranian university scientists have stepped up efforts to protect industry and infrastructure.

Iran ‘scales down nuclear pact commitment by dropping uranium, heavy water limits’

bne IntelliNews May 15, 2019

Moves are minor but indicate that in several weeks' time accord could start to unravel if Europe does not do more to protect Iranian economy from punishing US sanctions attack.

War, huh… What is it good for?

bne IntelliNews May 14, 2019

Trump and Iran’s Khamenei were on May 14 among many taking on the question of whether a military showdown between the US and the Islamic Republic is on the cards.

Iran’s central bank chief urges Europe to kickstart trade vehicle

bne IntelliNews May 14, 2019

Hemmati, who accused European officials of "threadbare" remarks, wants to see EU companies buying Iranian oil and exporters in the bloc trading with the Islamic Republic. But move would be a defiance of US sanctions.

Fingers pointed at Iran in blame game over tanker “sabotage operations”

bne IntelliNews May 13, 2019

Tehran says attacks are “worrisome and dreadful”. Iranian MP says “saboteurs from a third country who seek instability in the region” could be the guilty party.

ANALYSIS: Trump offers talks after parking B-52s and aircraft carrier on Iran’s doorstep. Spot the “rogue nation”

bne IntelliNews May 10, 2019

Revolutionary Guard says no negotiations will be held with “unreliable Americans”. Adds US “will not dare take military action against us”.

Nuclear deal: Macron, Merkel urge calm in face of Iran's ultimatum, US accuses Tehran of "blackmail"

bne IntelliNews May 9, 2019

Tehran has given Europe 60 days to help protect its oil and banking industries from Trump sanctions.

TEHRAN BLOG: As US hawks go for its jugular, Iran issues gentle ultimatum to Europe

bne IntelliNews May 8, 2019

Iranians place a slow-ticking time bomb under nuclear deal but hand Europeans very clear instructions on how to defuse it.

TEHRAN BLOG: Iran ‘set to scale down nuclear deal undertakings’ as US cranks up pressure on multiple fronts

bne IntelliNews May 6, 2019

Washington’s assault on oil exports and civilian nuclear energy, designation of elite Iranian troops as “terrorist” and dispatch of an aircraft carrier drawing a response from Tehran.

Fuel rationing rumours trigger long queues at Iranian gas stations

bne IntelliNews May 2, 2019

Petrol so cheap that authorities may bring in price hikes to curb smuggling to neighbouring countries.

Saudis rescue distressed Iranian oil tanker just as US move versus Iran’s crude kicks in

bne IntelliNews May 2, 2019

Turkey tells US it is not possible for it to quickly diversify to alternative supplies. India adopts a softer position, China keeps cards close to chest.

Iranian oil tanker on Red Sea leaking oil says satellite tracker service

bne IntelliNews May 1, 2019

Vessel seen making hard turn. Jitters surround Iran’s crude exports with US set to start drive to force them to zero on May 2.

Arming and rearming: Military spending grows across CEE and SEE in 2018

bne IntelliNews April 29, 2019

Russia’s expenditure falls for a second year, even though Moscow fears are driving defence outlays elsewhere. Turkey committed a league-topping 24% more while Iran spent 9.5% less on its armed forces as US tightened economic noose.

Samsung Electronics says rumours of impending departure from Iran are false

bne IntelliNews April 25, 2019

In message to Iranian tech websites company says it “highly values its family of fans and consumers” in the country.

Turkey loath to replace Iranian oil with Saudi and UAE supplies under US sanctions pressure

bne IntelliNews April 25, 2019

Ankara has fraught relations with two countries Washington says it should rely on and is opposed to harsh US approach to Tehran. Turkish foreign minister notes Iran’s crude is cheaper.