SAUDI OIL ATTACKS: US reaches the Iran Rubicon

Will Conroy in Prague September 17, 2019

There’s some tough talk about as White House works out how to respond to weekend’s strikes, but hesitancy shown by key officials in both Riyadh and Washington shows the Iranians may have their foes firmly on the back foot.

NEWSBASE: Market reels as Aramco facilities come under fire

Newsbase MEOG September 17, 2019

A major attack on Saudi oil facilities has cut production by 5.7mn bpd, but the full effect will not be felt until existing reserves dry up.

Tehran Blog: Who bombed Saudi Aramco’s sites?

bne staff in Tehran September 17, 2019

The missile attack on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco facility in the east of the country on September 15 has become ensnared in a whodunit of confusion and speculation as accusations fly over who was really behind the rocket attack.

Trump stops short of pinning definitive blame on Iran for Saudi oil attacks

bne IntelliNews September 17, 2019

Critics may see his cautious approach as evidence of a vulnerability: an aversion to getting dragged into an unpopular Middle East war in the run-up to the 2020 US election.

NEWSBASE: The attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure are the oil industry's 9/11

bne IntelliNews September 16, 2019

The attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure could turn out to be the oil industry’s 9/11. Reacting to the news, JP Morgan said: “Clearly oil assets have been massively mispriced. The assumption that production facilities are secure is wrong."

Drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities not set to impact oil flows to Europe in big way

Ben Aris in Berlin September 16, 2019

Europe takes little oil from Middle East. It is heavily dependent on Russia for crude deliveries and can turn to Moscow to fill any gaps. The effect on the oil price, however, is a different matter.

Iran’s Zarif accuses US counterpart Pompeo of “max deceit” over claims Tehran was behind drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities

bne IntelliNews September 15, 2019

Fraught situation as world waits on US to settle on a response.

Rouhani backpedals on idea of Iran nuclear deal meeting with Trump

bne IntelliNews August 27, 2019

Implies that US president is interested in a photo opportunity, but that Tehran is not. Quips that White House can use Photoshop.

G7 BREAKTHROUGH? Iran’s Rouhani encourages idea of nuclear deal meeting with Trump

bne IntelliNews August 26, 2019

US president hints he might support oil-backed letter of credit to get Iranians “over very rough patch” caused by American sanctions. Says his “gut” tells him his counterpart will want to meet “to get this situation straightened out”.

Unpredictable Trump may encounter an unpredictable Iran warns Tehran’s top diplomat

bne IntelliNews August 21, 2019

Zarif’s remarks come as Australia and Bahrain agree to back US-led maritime security mission off Iranian coast already supported by UK.