Bulgaria’s parliament endorses new government with rotating PM

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 6, 2023

Government backed by Gerb-SDS and Change Continues-Democratic Bulgaria appointed after two months of tense negotiations.

EC bans Ukrainian grain imports to Central Europe for another five months, Kyiv bans sugar exports in response

by Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw, Ben Aris in Berlin June 6, 2023

Five EU member states bordering Ukraine will be allowed to keep some of their restrictions on imports of Ukrainian agricultural produce in place until September 15, the European Commission decided on June 5.

bneGREEN: Europe saves €100bn from the switch to renewables due to the Ukraine war

Ben Aris in Berlin June 5, 2023

European electricity consumers will save some €100bn on their energy bills, due to the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources caused by the Russian induced energy crisis the International Energy Agency said in a report.

Support for Moldova, solidarity with Ukraine at second EPC summit

bne IntelliNews June 2, 2023

European leaders stress the importance of European solidarity and affirm support for states on the continent’s Eastern Flank.

Punches from opposition MPs fail to block Bulgaria’s new pro-Western government

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 1, 2023

Gerb and CC-DB announce joint government shortly after homophobic taunts sparked violent parliament brawl.

Bulgaria’s main pro-Western parties resume talks on joint government

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 31, 2023

Former rivals Gerb-SDS and CC-DB decide to un-freeze talks in face of fierce opposition from across the political spectrum.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Macron makes the weather in Eastern Europe

Robert Anderson in Prague May 31, 2023

The French president tried to persuade sceptical East Europeans that they had nothing to fear from a Europe that was more self-reliant in security – and he almost pulled it off.

Protests erupt in Bulgaria over suspected plot to block pro-Western government

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 31, 2023

“This is not Moscow” chant protesters outside presidency after barrage of attacks from prosecutors and politicians.

Leaked recording scuppers plans for new government in Bulgaria

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 27, 2023

Gerb freezes talks after recording from Change Continues leadership meeting discussing proposed joint government is released.

BALKAN BLOG: Political upheavals force uneasy new alliances

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 26, 2023

Grand coalitions between rivals are one symptom of the radically changed political landscape of the last decade.

Southeast Europe tourism concentrated in peak summer months despite efforts to diversify

bne IntelliNews May 25, 2023

Seasonal pattern was most pronounced in Croatia, with 60% of tourist nights spent in July and August.

bneGREEN: Climate change to put production of Bulgaria’s renowned rose oil at risk

bne IntelliNews May 24, 2023

Rising temperatures and changing patters of precipitation could affect the quality of the petals plucked by hand in a tradition going back centuries.

OPINION: Azerbaijan’s energy diplomacy pivots to the Balkans

Fuad Shahbazov in Durham May 23, 2023

Azerbaijan can’t fully substitute for Russian gas at the pan-European level, but it can play a crucial role in promoting the energy security of individual states.

Rivals join forces to form new Bulgarian government

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 22, 2023

Gerb and CC-DB end political deadlock with deal on joint government and rotating PM.

EBRD 2023: Bank to expand into the whole of Africa plus Iraq

Ben Aris In Samarkand May 18, 2023

The first investments are due to begin in six counties in sub-Saharan Africa in 2025.

Bulgaria’s deputy chief prosecutor files suit against boss for illegal wiretapping and abuse of office

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 16, 2023

Powerful chief prosecutor said to have boasted that he had personally made 150 recordings of conversations with politicians, magistrates and members of the judicial council.

EBRD cuts regional growth forecasts again but Central Asia still going strong

Clare Nuttall in Samarkand May 16, 2023

Inflation remains a drag on growth in Emerging Europe, along with sluggish growth in advanced economies and stricter financing conditions in Central Europe and the Baltic states.

Bulgarian chief prosecutor refuses to resign despite pressure from politicians

Denista Koseva in Sofia May 15, 2023

Ivan Geshev declares war on former premier Boyko Borissov, who allegedly pushed him to quit, and hints he could publicise evidence of his corruption.

BRICKS AND MORTAR: Balkan real estate market shifts from offices to logistics

Valentina Dimitrievska May 14, 2023

After the pandemic, working from home and hybrid models have significantly transformed trends in the office market.

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel nominated as Bulgaria’s next PM

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 10, 2023

Gabriel will hold talks with parliamentary parties in an attempt to put together a new government after nomination by Gerb party.