COMMENT: The new Cold War will be different, and not only because of China

Peter Szopo February 6, 2023

Mercantilism is also replacing globalisation, and the US has a declining interest in European affairs.

INTERVIEW: Helen Rodwell, head of CMS’ corporate practice in CEE

Robert Anderson in Prague February 4, 2023

Dealmaking in Central Europe is set to rebound, says law firm's long-standing Prague managing partner, as new kinds of investor move into the region.

Raised tempers over Kosovo spark scuffle in Serbian parliament

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje February 2, 2023

Opposition MPs interrupted President Aleksandar Vucic’s speech chanting "Treason" and "We don't give up Kosovo”.

Bulgaria starts construction of gas link with Serbia

bne IntelliNews February 2, 2023

New pipeline with capacity of up to 1.8 bcm a year will help increase energy security and diversify gas supplies in the region.

RBI's 2022 profits soar to €3.6bn, with Russian operations representing more than half

bne IntelliNews February 1, 2023

The Austrian lender, which has become more and more reliant on its Russian business over the years, is still rethinking its presence in the country.

Geopolitics overshadows Western Balkan nearshoring ambitions

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 1, 2023

Friendshoring has replaced nearshoring after the invasion of Ukraine, benefiting Western-aligned states but causing a shift away from Serbia.

Only Hungary and Russia heading for recession in 2023 as Emerging Europe shows its resilience

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 1, 2023

wiiw believes that most countries of the region have “probably already digested” most of the economic shock caused by the Ukraine war, provided Russia does not escalate the conflict further.

Serbia's BioSense Institute to open new R&D centre in spring 2023

bne IntelliNews January 31, 2023

BioSense plans to employ 250 scientists at the centre in the biotechnology and nanotechnology fields.

M&A in Emerging Europe fell by 20% to €32.93bn in 2022

bne IntelliNews January 30, 2023

The weak macroeconomic backdrop and the spectre of possible recession are likely to stifle M&A in the coming months, according to the annual CMS/Emis Emerging Europe M&A Report.

Italy pushes for investments into Western Balkan strategic sectors

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 30, 2023

Benefiting from its geographic proximity and historic ties, Italy is already one of the top investors and trading partners of the Western Balkan countries.

Serbs overwhelmingly support EU reforms, less keen on membership

bne IntelliNews January 28, 2023

65% of Serbians believe the reforms needed for EU accession should be carried out, but just 43% actually want Serbia to join the bloc, a new survey shows.

Serbian foreign minister hints Belgrade would consider Russia sanctions

bne IntelliNews January 26, 2023

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says future decisions to be based on Serbia's "political and economic interests" as pressure to align with EU policy grows.

VISEGRAD BLOG: When Eastern European states speak out they are now listened to

Robert Anderson in Prague January 26, 2023

The countries on Nato’s eastern flank believe they are now leading the debate on how to confront the Kremlin, as demonstrated by the row over supplying modern battle tanks to Ukraine.

Ukrainian MP urges Kyiv to recognise Kosovo

bne IntelliNews January 26, 2023

Serbia's refusal to sanction Russia caused a shift of opinion in Ukraine, which currently does not recognise Kosovo's independence.

Serbia turns to high tech fertility treatments to boost falling population

bne IntelliNews January 25, 2023

Serbia’s population is forecast to drop by 55% by 2100 due to the low birth rate and mass emigration.

Serbian president says Belgrade must accept Kosovo plan if it wants to join EU

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje January 23, 2023

Aleksandar Vucic prepares Serbia for compromise solution with Kosovo, warning its EU integration process will stop if it doesn't accept the French-German proposal on solving the dispute.

bneGREEN: Floods turn Drina river in Bosnia into floating landfill

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia January 23, 2023

More than 10,000 cubic metres of waste including packaging, trees and discarded refrigerators cover sections of the Drina.

Serbian president hints agreement with Kosovo is possible

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje January 22, 2023

After "very difficult" talks Aleksandar Vucic hints an agreement on the normalisation of Belgrade’s strained relations with Kosovo is possible, but admits to reservations on “one important issue”.

Activists file criminal complaint against paramilitary Wagner group in Serbia

bne IntelliNews January 21, 2023

Activists accuse paramilitary organisation of illegally recruiting Serbians to join the war in Ukraine in complains that target Russian ambassador and head of Serbian security agency.

Southeast Europe sovereigns start 2023 with return to capital markets

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2023

Sovereigns move quickly to tap international capital as they anticipate rising yields later in 2023.