Tajikistan’s Zypl pioneers AI financial sector scoring system to drive SME lending

Ben Aris in Berlin June 6, 2023

Zypl, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company founded in Tajikistan in 2021, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) models to drive financial inclusion in emerging and frontier market (EM/FM) economies.

PANNIER: Precarious balancing act for ‘everybody’s friend’ Central Asia

Bruce Pannier June 2, 2023

West might talk tough on Russia sanctions enforcement, but it may have to settle for half-hearted promises from region.

Freedom House says Ukraine war threatens democracy across Emerging Europe

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 25, 2023

Democratic governance deteriorates in Emerging Europe and Central Asia, with worst declines in already authoritarian regions.

Xi presents grand development plan for Central Asia

bne IntelIiNews May 21, 2023

Some observers conclude, however, that the big event produced lots of rhetoric and little action.

Threat posed by Taliban’s huge canal project to Central Asia farmland causing mounting anxiety

bne IntelIiNews May 20, 2023

Uzbek official cited as saying “negotiations with the Afghan side are held on a regular basis, but in a closed mode so as not to disturb society”.

Flurry of investment moves precede milestone China, Central Asia 5+1 summit

bne IntelIiNews May 18, 2023

Beijing woos region at a time when Russia is too distracted by the Ukraine war to focus effectively on its backyard.

Milestone China-Central Asia ‘5+1’ summit pursues new blueprint for relations

Ben Aris in Berlin May 18, 2023

Stans were eager for red carpet treatment. Notably, Russia was not invited.

EBRD cuts regional growth forecasts again but Central Asia still going strong

Clare Nuttall in Samarkand May 16, 2023

Inflation remains a drag on growth in Emerging Europe, along with sluggish growth in advanced economies and stricter financing conditions in Central Europe and the Baltic states.

EBRD 2023: EBRD meets in Samarkand as Central Asian transformation accelerates

Clare Nuttall in Samarkand May 14, 2023

Development bank holds its annual meeting in Central Asia for the first time in 12 years.

Eurasia Development Bank hoping to attract investment into Central Asia with Almaty conference

Ben Aris in Berlin May 11, 2023

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) will host a conference for major investors in infrastructure and ESG project in Almaty, Kazakhstan on May 15-17 to promote inter-regional and sustainable investments as well as climate issues.

Leaders of all five 'Stans plus Armenia in Moscow for May 9 victory parade

Ben Aris in Berlin May 9, 2023

The leaders of Central Asia's five republics plus Armenia's PM arrived in Moscow to stand by Putin for the annual May 9 Victory Day parade, despite strong US pressure to downgrade and even break ties with Russia where possible.

Both Kyrgyz and Tajik armed forces likely committed war crimes in border conflict says HRW

bne IntelIiNews May 3, 2023

Ambulances and cars carrying civilians shot at. Laser-guided bomb dropped on town square killing at least 10 locals. Human rights group condemns “callous conduct” of soldiers on both sides.

Tajikistan pleads poverty, spends money on unneeded luxuries

Eurasianet April 28, 2023

A panhandling president is unaccountable to his Western benefactors.

Boom time on Central Asia’s stock exchanges pushes capitalisation above $100bn

bne IntelIiNews April 26, 2023

Trading driven by covid rebound and rising importance of five ‘stans’ as manufacturing and transit economies due to sanctions imposed on Russia’s economy.

ING: World trade to see big shifts and weaker growth in 2023

ING April 21, 2023

World trade has been falling, but we still expect growth to return this year. We do notice large shifts in world trade as advanced economies – especially the US – are diversifying input sourcing.

Data indicate Korea exporters dodge sanctions by shipping to Russia via Central Asia, South Caucasus

bne IntelIiNews April 17, 2023

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia among countries that appear to be conduits for sanctioned goods from East Asia nation.

ING: IMF remains cautious on world economic outlook

ING April 15, 2023

Amid a downgrade to the IMF’s global growth forecast, EM sovereigns should remain resilient with areas of relative growth outperformance, easing pressure on commodity importers and fiscal reform momentum.

Lavrov meets with Eurasia leaders to work on Afghan problem

Ben Aris in Berlin April 13, 2023

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is attending the fourth ministerial conference of Afghanistan’s neighbouring countries on April 13 in the Uzbek city of Samarkand to try to find a solution to the Afghan problem.

Russia’s parallel imports hindered by Central Asia bottleneck

Eurasianet April 11, 2023

E-commerce companies are actively exploring options for building logistics sites in Kazakhstan.

Serbia’s foreign minister reaches out to Central Asia with three-country tour

bne IntelliNews April 11, 2023

Under pressure from the West after refusing to join Russia sanctions, Belgrade seeks to build relations with Central Asia in visit that focussed on trade ties and Kosovo.