Turkey numb with shock as fears grow death toll from two giant earthquakes could climb past 20,000

Akin Nazli in Belgrade February 7, 2023

Thousands with homes reduced to rubble left stranded in the open in heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures.

COMMENT: The new Cold War will be different, and not only because of China

Peter Szopo February 6, 2023

Mercantilism is also replacing globalisation, and the US has a declining interest in European affairs.

At least 500 dead after huge earthquake hits Turkey, Syria in early hours

bne IntelIiNews February 6, 2023

Thousands injured. Death toll seen as likely to rise. Millions of people across Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel felt the earthquake.

Turkish minister tells US ambassador ‘Take your dirty hands off Turkey’ as sanctions sparks fly

bne IntelIiNews February 6, 2023

Suleyman Soylu’s invective comes as Washington warns Ankara over chemicals and microchips for Russia

Turkey releases official January inflation at 58%

Akin Nazli in Belgrade February 4, 2023

Istanbul's ENAG inflation research group calculates inflation was 122%.

Turkey accuses West of waging ‘psychological warfare’ to wreck its tourism industry

bne IntelIiNews February 3, 2023

Interior minister angered by series of terrorism security alerts. Tensions also arise over US sanctions that could leave Russian aircraft with no ground service at Turkish airports.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Erdogan’s talking rate cuts again. There are those who are bored stiff by these joke economics

Akin Nazli February 2, 2023

Alas, prepare for a pre-election ‘Erdoganomic’ cycle.

Turkish company chaired by US sanctions-hit official wins Nato intelligence software contracts

bne IntelIiNews February 2, 2023

Ismail Demir was designated after Ankara acquired missile systems from the Kremlin.

bneGREEN: Most growth in power generation by 2050 will be solar and wind – BP

by Roberta Harrington in London February 1, 2023

Most growth in global power generation by 2050 will be solar and wind, according to oil supermajor BP’s annual benchmark report, the 2023 Energy Outlook.

Hawkish Iran helped stop larger Azerbaijani attacks says Armenia

bne IntelIiNews February 1, 2023

As heavily armed Baku turns screw on Yerevan in ongoing confrontation, Tehran’s position is described as “music to Armenia’s ears”.

PMI data shows Turkish manufacturing sector could soon be set for return to growth says S&P

bne IntelIiNews February 1, 2023

January survey shows upward trajectories in output and new orders amid signs of improving demand.

Only Hungary and Russia heading for recession in 2023 as Emerging Europe shows its resilience

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 1, 2023

wiiw believes that most countries of the region have “probably already digested” most of the economic shock caused by the Ukraine war, provided Russia does not escalate the conflict further.

Turkey’s ‘Table of Six’ alliance unveils plan to end Erdogan’s ‘one-man rule’

bne IntelIiNews January 31, 2023

Critics, however, doubt their election chances, pointing to ideological differences, personal animosities, big egos and a lack of organisation.

Journalist with Kremlin media links funded Qur’an burning protest that threatens Nato expansion

bne IntelIiNews January 28, 2023

Far-right stunt problematic for defence alliance as Turkey has doubled down on blocking Sweden and Finland’s bids to join bloc.

Turkey’s regime working overtime to ensure no lira ‘freak show’ ahead of elections

bne IntelIiNews January 26, 2023

Officials offer 2% “conversion support” to exporters who surrender more of their FX earnings.

Sweden’s Nato bid proving ‘manna from heaven’ for Erdogan’s re-election campaign says analyst

bne IntelIiNews January 24, 2023

Strongman seen as using clash over defence bloc’s expansion to strengthen support among nationalists and religiously conservative.

Erdogan locks Sweden out of Nato after Qur’an burning

bne IntelIiNews January 23, 2023

"Those who allow such blasphemy in front of our embassy can no longer expect our support for their Nato membership," declares Turkish strongman.

Challenger to Erdogan to be named

bne IntelIiNews January 23, 2023

There are limits to how much the May elections can be rigged, particularly in the big cities, says academic, as date for strongman’s re-election bid is confirmed.

Kick Turkey out of Nato? Members will start considering it warns ex-commander

bne IntelIiNews January 23, 2023

As Ankara continues to block Finland and Sweden’s accession into military alliance, James Stavridis says Western capitals might start thinking “maybe we should look at our options”.

Turkey holds policy rate constant at 9%

Akin Nazli in Belgrade January 19, 2023

Rate-setters are, however, sidelined. Erdogan administration conducts monetary policy via macroprudential measures and non-capital controls.