Lukashenko’s death match

Christina Petru March 30, 2020

Thanks to a dictator who jokes about keeping coronavirus at bay with vodka, the Minsk derby became the big game for football punters around the world as the Belarus Premier League got permission to carry on. Infectious enthusiasm, fatal for some?

Belarus considering selective default on its external state debt

bne IntelliNews March 24, 2020

Belarus is considering restructuring some part of its external state debt and in effect defaulting on debt coming due this year, First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Dmitry Krutoi said.

wiiw slashes 2020 growth forecast for CESEE to just 1.1%

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow March 17, 2020

Vienna-based think tank expects the coronavirus pandemic to result in the worst year for the region since the global financial crisis.

EBRD makes €1bn available as emergency measure to fight coronavirus impact

bne IntelIiNews March 15, 2020

The EBRD has unveiled an emergency €1bn “Solidarity Package” to help companies deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Belarus emerges as Europe's leading high tech hub

Vladimir Kozlov in Moscow February 18, 2020

Best known as “Europe’s last dictatorship”, Belarus has a secret. Over the last decade it has grown a blossoming high tech industry that earned the small northern republic nearly $15bn last year – as much as Russia earns from arms exports.