Uzbekistan eyes green debt sale marketed as sukuk

bne IntelIiNews June 30, 2020

Islamic finance currently makes up tiny proportion of $950bn global green bond market.

China and Russia blur lines on “division of labour” in exerting influence over Central Asia

Kanat Shaku in Almaty June 18, 2020

Author of report from Washington think tank points to fading of traditional arrangement whereby Moscow takes care of security matters while Beijing takes care of the economic side.

COMMENT: Global remittances to suffer a blow from COVID-19

Gerelyn Terzo of Sharemoney in New York June 18, 2020

Instead of triggering an increase in remittance payments, which is typical during times of crisis, the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has caused migrant payments to households in developing countries to slow dramatically.

bne's Despair Index paints a mixed picture during the corona storm

Ben Aris in Berlin June 9, 2020

We have updated bne IntelliNews Despair Index, which better reflects what damage something like the coronacrisis does to the bottom half of society in the countries of New Europe. While the index has ticked up, the damage is limited so far.

Uzbekistan pledges huge investments in troubled exclave

Eurasianet June 5, 2020

PM Aripov said $100mn will be spent overhauling Sokh.

Easing of lockdowns offers hope to emerging Europe’s COVID-struck economies

bne IntelliNews June 2, 2020

Governments continue to lift restrictions but there are warnings over a surge in new infections in Armenia, Iran and North Macedonia.