Ukraine’s population crashes to 29mn, Uzbekistan overtakes to become fourth biggest in Eurasia

Dominic Culverwell in Kyiv June 6, 2023

Ukraine’s population has dropped to a low of 29mn people, sparking concerns over the future of the country’s demographic, according to a study from the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, Ukraine Business News reported on June 6.

Uzbekistan’s Oasis set to be a leading online loans fintech to the SME sector

Ben Aris in Berlin June 5, 2023

Fintech is growing fast in Central Asia as banking sectors looking to leapfrog the traditional financial sector development go straight to high-tech solutions for local people’s lending and spending needs.

Emerging and Frontier markets fintech ready to break out

Ben Aris in Berlin June 5, 2023

The Digital Intelligence Index (DII) put together by specialist Emerging and Frontier market investment fund Sturgeon Capital provides insights into the potential for fintech investments in emerging and developing markets.

PANNIER: Precarious balancing act for ‘everybody’s friend’ Central Asia

Bruce Pannier June 2, 2023

West might talk tough on Russia sanctions enforcement, but it may have to settle for half-hearted promises from region.

Turkmenistan: Karakum as you are, as you were

Akhal-Teke: A Eurasianet Bulletin May 31, 2023

The authorities suffer from a case of misplaced priorities in thinking about the future. This and more in this week's Eurasianet Akhal-Teke Bulletin.

bneGREEN: Clean energy investment is extending its lead over fossil fuels – IEA

by ROberta May 30, 2023

Investment in clean energy technologies is significantly outpacing spending on fossil fuels as affordability and security concerns triggered by the global energy crisis strengthen the momentum behind more sustainable options, according to the IEA.

A regional court revokes search warrants in tycoon Usmanov’s German money-laundering investigation

Ben Aris in London May 26, 2023

The Frankfurt am Main Regional Court has revoked the validity of search warrants used to raid the luxury home of Uzbek-born Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov, Der Spiegel reported on May 26.

bneGREEN: Uzbekistan becomes Central Asia's number one in renewable energy

Ben Aris In Samarkand May 22, 2023

Heavy investment into a few mega projects means that power-hungry Uzbekistan now has about 2.6 GW of green energy capacity, ahead of Kazakhstan – the first country in Central Asia to invest into renewable power.

Xi presents grand development plan for Central Asia

bne IntelIiNews May 21, 2023

Some observers conclude, however, that the big event produced lots of rhetoric and little action.

Uzbek capital markets development off to a slow start

Ben Aris In Samarkand May 21, 2023

The Uzbek government is planning to privatise several state-owned enterprises by floating their shares on the Tashkent Stock Exchange (TSE) and has turned its attention to getting them ready, but the market remains narrow and shallow.

Threat posed by Taliban’s huge canal project to Central Asia farmland causing mounting anxiety

bne IntelIiNews May 20, 2023

Uzbek official cited as saying “negotiations with the Afghan side are held on a regular basis, but in a closed mode so as not to disturb society”.

Flurry of investment moves precede milestone China, Central Asia 5+1 summit

bne IntelIiNews May 18, 2023

Beijing woos region at a time when Russia is too distracted by the Ukraine war to focus effectively on its backyard.

EBRD 2023: Uzbekistan aims for WTO membership to boost trade ties

bne IntelliNews May 18, 2023

The Uzbek government is going to continue to focus on economic stability, bringing inflation down, making the country more attractive to international investors and boosting trade with World Trade Organisation (WTO) membership.

Milestone China-Central Asia ‘5+1’ summit pursues new blueprint for relations

Ben Aris in Berlin May 18, 2023

Stans were eager for red carpet treatment. Notably, Russia was not invited.

Mastercard doubles down on Uzbek market with opening of Tashkent office

Clare Nuttall in Samarkand May 17, 2023

International payments company believes Uzbekistan can be a hub for operations across Central Asia.

EBRD cuts regional growth forecasts again but Central Asia still going strong

Clare Nuttall in Samarkand May 16, 2023

Inflation remains a drag on growth in Emerging Europe, along with sluggish growth in advanced economies and stricter financing conditions in Central Europe and the Baltic states.

Eurasia Development Bank hoping to attract investment into Central Asia with Almaty conference

Ben Aris in Berlin May 11, 2023

The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) will host a conference for major investors in infrastructure and ESG project in Almaty, Kazakhstan on May 15-17 to promote inter-regional and sustainable investments as well as climate issues.

Uzbek president Mirziyoyev raises billions of dollars in investment pledges during German trip

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty May 10, 2023

Uzbek president Shavkat Mirziyoyev is on a mission to attract foreign investment as part of his "New Uzbekistan" plan with his two-day visit to Germany in May already yielding billions of euros in new deals.

Russia to sell gas to Uzbekistan through reversed flow Soviet-era gas pipelines

Ben Aris in Berlin May 9, 2023

Russia will sell gas to the energy-hungry Uzbekistan by reversing the flow of the Soviet-era gas pipeline network that used to transport Turkmen gas to Russia.

Leaders of all five 'Stans plus Armenia in Moscow for May 9 victory parade

Ben Aris in Berlin May 9, 2023

The leaders of Central Asia's five republics plus Armenia's PM arrived in Moscow to stand by Putin for the annual May 9 Victory Day parade, despite strong US pressure to downgrade and even break ties with Russia where possible.