Week before crucial vote, no way of telling who will be Poland’s next president

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw July 6, 2020

Incumbent President Andrzej Duda andmayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski are consistently neck-and-neck in the polls six days ahead of the second round of Poland's presidential election.

Poland’s coal production falls to all-time low in May

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw July 3, 2020

The coronavirus lockdown resulted in lower demand from industry in May, but the mining industry was already facing financial problems due to falling demand and rising production costs.

Polish PMI advances but remains below 50 points as restrictions lifted

bne IntelliNews July 1, 2020

IHS Markit points to the challenging business environment in the manufacturing sector as demand and capacity utilisation remained weak amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Duda and Trzaskowski re-launch campaigns ahead of final stage of crucial presidential contest

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw June 29, 2020

Poland's incumbent President Andrzej Duda and his rival Rafal Trzaskowski are appealing to the electorates of candidates eliminated in the first round as they prepare to face each other in the run-off in July.

Economic sentiment in CEE picks up in June, but still deeply depressed

bne IntelliNews June 29, 2020

The economic sentiment indicators started to pick up again in June across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), but there are big differences between the countries as they start to recover from the coronacrisis at their own speeds

Poles set up Duda-Trzaskowski showdown in July’s presidential run-off

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw June 28, 2020

Incumbent President Andrzej Duda led the first round of the presidential election and will meet the liberal opposition’s Rafal Trzaskowski after the final two weeks of the most brutal campaign in Poland’s recent history.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Poland’s illiberals facing their make or break moment this Sunday

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw June 26, 2020

President Andrzej Duda's reelection seemed like a formality but is now in doubt after missteps such as an attack on LGBT people. Polls suggest the liberal mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski has a real chance to win.

Trump endorses Poland’s President Duda days ahead of election in substance-less meeting

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw June 25, 2020

Duda returned to Warsaw with few tangibles, but meeting Trump could give him extra percentage points of support in the race in which he has begun to lose momentum.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Returning migrants but no COVID baby boom for emerging Europe

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow June 23, 2020

What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for the region's dismal demographics?

Polish retail sales stage surprising recovery in May

bne IntelliNews June 23, 2020

Polish retail sales retreated by an unexpectedly mild margin of 7.7% y/y in May, rebounding from the 22.9% y/y collapse in April.

Global pandemic is boon for ESG funds, outperforming their brown peers

Ben Aris in Berlin June 22, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been a boon for environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds, 85% of which are now outperforming their non-ESG peers, according to a paper released by the Institute of International Finance (IIF)

Polish industrial production leaves trough in May

bne IntelliNews June 22, 2020

The industrial sector improved somewhat in May thanks to the gradual easing of the lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic, which pummeled output in April.

Illicit cigarette consumption declines in eastern EU states

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow June 20, 2020

KPMG report says fewer contraband cigarettes flowing into the EU, but growth in illegal factories within the bloc.

Trump to meet Poland’s President Duda days before crucial election

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw June 18, 2020

Meeting could improve Duda’s standing with Polish voters as he faces growing challenge from Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski.

Emerging Europe banks face surge in distressed loans when COVID support measures expire

bne IntelliNews June 18, 2020

Vienna Initiative report warns banks heading for a "cliff-edge effect of new distressed borrowers", followed by successive waves of new NPLs.

VISEGRAD BLOG: The COVID-19 pandemic may actually strengthen Central and Eastern Europe's position in Europe

Marek Belka and Piroska Nagy-Mohácsi of the LSE June 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic may actually strengthen Central and Eastern Europe in relative economic terms to the rest of Europe, argue Marek Belka and Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi (LSE), with Poland being one of the big winners

EIB loans Belgian tech corp Umicore €125mn for battery components factory in Poland

bne IntelliNews June 16, 2020

Poland has long been an important location for various automotive industries because of its still relatively cheap yet skilled labour as well as capacity for efficient logistics to markets such as Germany.

CEE banks heading for one of their worst crises in 10 years

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow June 15, 2020

Post-COVID-19, banks in Central and Southeast Europe expect demand for financing to contract sharply, credit standards to tighten and an increase in NPLs, a new EIB survey shows.

Poland’s Duda says “LGBT ideology” more “destructive than communism”

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw June 14, 2020

Duda's remark was calculated to pander to the core of his electorate – the conservative Catholic Poles – but appears risky in the context of building support with the moderates, whose votes the president needs to win.

Emerging markets enjoying their strongest crisis bounceback ever

Ben Aris in Berlin June 11, 2020

Emerging markets (EM) stock markets are enjoying their strongest crisis bounceback ever, as coronavirus (COVID-19) infections stabilise and governments remove two-month-long lockdowns.