wiiw slashes Emerging Europe growth forecasts for 2022 and 2023

bne IntelliNews January 27, 2022

Turkish growth is expected to slow to 3.5% this year, from a forecast 9.5% in 2021, while for Russia, GDP growth is forecast to slow to 2% from 4.5%.

Emerging Europe M&A soars by 55% to €94bn in 2021

bne IntelliNews January 26, 2022

Dealmaking returns to pre-pandemic levels as confidence recovers and low interest rates and big cash piles push up valuations.

NEMETHY: Is monetary tightening the cure for inflation?

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors January 26, 2022

The US Fed has not increased interest rates, just talked of increasing rates – not even by that much — and global stock exchanges lost $4.2 trillion in week. How can the Fed kill off the current high inflation without crashing the economy?

Farmers union leader and journalist named as two new targets of Poland’s Pegasus hack

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 26, 2022

Since the scandal broke, the Polish government has gone from denying any knowledge of Pegasus to admitting that Poland had bought it but not used it for political purposes.

Poland’s Q4 economic growth poised to be strongest in region

bne IntelliNews January 26, 2022

Capital Economics predicts 6.8% GDP growth in 2022.

Polish retail sales ease growth to 8% y/y in December

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 25, 2022

December figures may point to the high inflation beginning to subdue consumption or to households holding back spending after increased spending in November.

Westinghouse corrals Polish companies to work on nuclear power plant

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 25, 2022

Westinghouse is one of three companies looking to build four to six reactors by the mid-2040s in order to reduce the carbon intensity of electricity generation.

Polish industrial production growth surges to 16.7% y/y in December

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 24, 2022

The expansion shot up well above the consensus line of 13% y/y.

Poland’s PPI growth accelerates to 14.2% y/y in December

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 24, 2022

The PPI climbed to the highest point since the late 1990s.

Poland’s largest drug maker Polpharma reportedly in talks to take over Czechia’s Zentiva

bne IntelliNews January 21, 2022

Advent International, which bought Zentiva for €1.9bn in 2018 is reportedly considering selling the generic drugmaker for €3.5bn.

Poland begins to suffer fifth wave of coronavirus pandemic

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 18, 2022

The number of new COVID-19 cases in Poland jumped 72% week-on-week

Poland’s CPI surges to 8.6% y/y in December

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 18, 2022

With inflation expected to climb further to 10% y/y in January-February, at least one more interest rate increase is virtually certain.

OUTLOOK 2022: Central Europe and the Baltic states

Robert Anderson in Prague January 17, 2022

Central Europe faces a critical year, with a key election in Hungary in April, while rumbling political instability in Poland and Slovakia could lead to early elections.


Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 16, 2022

Poland is about to enter another election cycle amidst the apparently accelerating disintegration of the Law and Justice led government, which is fighting an increasing number of battles at home and abroad.

bneGREEN: Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change urges EU to keep gas out of green taxonomy

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh January 15, 2022

A group of sustainable investors has urged the EU to exclude gas from the new the EU Taxonomy green investment classification system.

bneGREEN: NDCs need to be rapidly improved to get near 1.5°C target

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh January 12, 2022

Current Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are nowhere near enough to keep global warming within the 1.5°C target

Saudi Aramco and MOL buy Lotos assets to make PKN Orlen-Lotos merger possible

bne IntelliNews January 12, 2022

Orlen’s next goal is taking over oil and gas exploration and production company PGNiG to build a regional oil major.

ING: Poland's anti-inflation measures are a painkiller, not a cure

Rafal Benecki in Warsaw January 12, 2022

They temporarily ease the negative impact of high inflationary pressure, but do not reduce price growth over the long term.

Poland’s pandemic death toll surpasses 100,000 ahead of omicron wave

bne IntelliNews January 12, 2022

Government remains wary of tightening curbs as they would annoy parts of its electorate, with masks and indoor restrictions largely unenforced.

PPF still has the deal-making mojo after death of founder Petr Kellner

Robert Anderson in Prague January 11, 2022

New CEO Ladislav Bartonicek is reported to be selling Home Credit Russia as part of the investment group's shift to more mature markets.