bneGREEN: Energy minister says geothermal powerhouse Hungary not exploiting its potential

bne IntelliNews June 6, 2023

Geothermal energy could strengthen Hungary’s energy security, replacing up to 1.5 bcm of natural gas a year.

bneGREEN: Europe saves €100bn from the switch to renewables due to the Ukraine war

Ben Aris in Berlin June 5, 2023

European electricity consumers will save some €100bn on their energy bills, due to the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources caused by the Russian induced energy crisis the International Energy Agency said in a report.

bneGREEN: Croatia’s ENNA to launch IPO, invest €1bn in green energy

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 2, 2023

Croatian investment group is already preparing a major investment cycle focused on developing renewable energy.

bneGREEN: Biden officials ‘in serious talks’ with Turkmenistan on curbing vast methane emissions

bne IntelIiNews May 31, 2023

Deal could be struck ahead of COP 28 climate summit. It would be hailed as a major breakthrough in addressing global warming.

bneGREEN: Clean energy investment is extending its lead over fossil fuels – IEA

by ROberta May 30, 2023

Investment in clean energy technologies is significantly outpacing spending on fossil fuels as affordability and security concerns triggered by the global energy crisis strengthen the momentum behind more sustainable options, according to the IEA.

bneGREEN: Chinese solar exports climb 64%

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles May 24, 2023

China's solar exports grew 64% in 2022 to $52bn despite global tensions, according to analysis by consultancy Wood Mackenzie.

bneGREEN: Climate change to put production of Bulgaria’s renowned rose oil at risk

bne IntelliNews May 24, 2023

Rising temperatures and changing patters of precipitation could affect the quality of the petals plucked by hand in a tradition going back centuries.

bneGREEN: Uzbekistan becomes Central Asia's number one in renewable energy

Ben Aris In Samarkand May 22, 2023

Heavy investment into a few mega projects means that power-hungry Uzbekistan now has about 2.6 GW of green energy capacity, ahead of Kazakhstan – the first country in Central Asia to invest into renewable power.

EBRD 2023: Azerbaijan seeks routes to become green energy supplier to Europe

Clare Nuttall in Samarkand May 17, 2023

Azerbaijan is seeking to use existing transport infrastructure to establish itself as a supplier of green fuels to the European continent.

bneGREEN: First ever nuclear fusion PPA signed

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles May 14, 2023

A nuclear fusion energy company, Helion Energy, has signed a power purchase agreement with high-tech giant Microsoft to supply electricity generated from its first fusion power plant.

bneGREEN: Croatia has potential offshore wind capacity of up to 25 GW

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty May 11, 2023

Croatia could rival Europe's entire offshore wind power capacity, says EBRD-funded research on Croatia's offshore wind potential.

bneGREEN: Over 10 companies planning to build biomethane plants in Ukraine

bne IntelliNews May 9, 2023

More than ten companies are seeking to build 36 biomethane plants in Ukraine, the Gas Transmission System of Ukraine (GTSOU) said in a statement on May 8.

bneGREEN: India, China baulk at ending use of coal in lead-up to G20 summit

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles May 8, 2023

India, with China's support, is attempting to establish agreement within the G20 group that would allow countries to choose their own roadmap for reducing carbon emissions instead of imposing a deadline for ending the use of fossil fuels.

bneGREEN: Croatian EV hypercar producer Rimac expands into energy storage systems market

bne IntelliNews May 4, 2023

Rimac is expanding from EV technology to the stationary energy storage systems needed to realise the full potential of renewable power generation.

bneGREEN: Europe suffers second-worst year for wildfires since records began

bne IntelliNews May 4, 2023

Fires in 45 countries burnt an area the size of Montenegro, with Ukraine, Spain and Romania the worst affected countries.

bneGREEN: International call for remote Turkmenistan to deal with methane emissions stepped up

bne IntelIiNews April 30, 2023

COP 28 climate conference organisers appeal to “super-emitter” country to work with outside agencies in addressing planet-warming leaks.

Mirziyoyev’s “New Uzbekistan” to become more investment-friendly and green

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty April 28, 2023

The winds of change are blowing strong in Uzbekistan as President Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced a series of sweeping reforms aimed at opening up the country's economy and attracting foreign investment with emphasis on green energy.

bneGREEN: Nine European nations pledge increased offshore wind – but can they meet the target?

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles April 26, 2023

The North Sea is set to become Europe’s largest green power plant, as nine countries in Europe have pledged to increase the capacity of offshore wind farms by eight times their current level before 2050.

US urges Turkmenistan to cut methane emissions to help battle climate crisis

bne IntelIiNews April 25, 2023

Secretary of State Antony Blinken addresses urgent issue during Washington visit of Turkmen counterpart. Military chiefs of two countries hold concurrent meeting on security challenges.

bneGREEN: Poland, Romania and Bulgaria face highest decarbonisation transition risks, says Fitch

bne IntelIiNews April 25, 2023

Decarbonisation costs predicted to put up region's average debt/GDP levels by 7pp by 2030.