bneGREEN: Green Deal, CBAM poses high risks to poorer African, Eastern European countries

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 23, 2021

The EU’s Green Deal and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism will hit the EU’s trading partners in Africa and non-EU Eastern Europe particularly hard.

bneGREEN: Greenwashing: regulators flex muscles as the market remains in flux

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 22, 2021

Defining a green investment is crucial to boosting the expansion of renewable energy and preventing the mis-selling of investments by so-called greenwashing, whereby the environmental impact of a product is misrepresented.

bneGREEN: Russia seeks measures to facilitate decarbonisation

bne IntelliNews September 22, 2021

The Russian government intends to develop a system of support measures, including fiscal ones, to facilitate the introduction of green technologies and emission reductions for businesses, announces First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov.

bneGREEN: Montenegro cancels €54mn Pljevlja TPP reconstruction plan, to focus on renewable energy

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia September 22, 2021

Ministry says Podgorica to scrap reconstruction of power plant at centre of conflict with Energy Community.

SCO leaders tell West to bite bullet and hand billions to Taliban

bne IntelIiNews September 18, 2021

With Afghanistan on brink of humanitarian and economic hell, it might be that only access to capital frozen abroad can stop the country becoming an incurable narco-state that is a hive of terrorism.

bneGREEN: Serbia issued debut €1bn green Eurobond

Eldar Dizdarevic in Sarajevo September 17, 2021

First green Eurobond from the Western Balkans to finance environmental protection and climate change mitigation projects as Serbia pursues green transition.

bneGREEN: Global coal plans collapse by 76%

By Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 16, 2021

The global pipeline of proposed coal power plants has collapsed by 76% since the Paris Agreement in 2015, bringing the end of new coal power construction into sight, new research by green think-tank E3G finds.

bneGreen: Finland’s Betolar develops green cement as construction races to decarbonise

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 15, 2021

Finland’s Betolar is pioneering the production of low-carbon cement by using alternative industrial waste products in a process that could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

bneGREEN: Turkey’s lakes and rivers drying up amid drought and climate change

bne IntelIiNews September 14, 2021

Reports in the country’s press of severe water depletion becoming more and more frequent.

Black soldier fly start-up Entoprotech starts first funding round

Ben Aris in London September 13, 2021

Bugs can become big business. Entoprotech, an Israeli biotech start-up has raised $2mn to develop its black soldier fly (BSF) to process organic waste that will reduce methane emissions from landfills and create animal feed as a byproduct.

bneGREEN: Fertiliser, electricity producers count the cost of the EU’s CBAM

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 5, 2021

Emerging Europe's fertiliser and electricity exporters to the EU face a guessing game to estimate the costs of the EU's CBAM.

FPRI BMB Ukraine: Ukraine records one of its hottest summers ever

FPRI BMB Ukraine September 2, 2021

Summer 2020 was one of the hottest ever recorded in Ukraine. With the agriculture sector generating about a tenth of the country’s GDP and employing 22% of the population, experts suggest that Ukraine is more sensitive to climate change than many.

bneGREEN: CBAM to have less bite than bark

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh September 1, 2021

The cost of the EU’s proposed CBAM may turn out to be less than initially feared by exporters into the EU, a new report from Sandbag and E3G, two pro-green think-tanks, have found.

bneGreen: Steel faces paying for its carbon

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh August 30, 2021

The steel industry in Emerging Europe is staring at mounting costs as it must contend with paying for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions it creates.

bneGREEN: Russia drafts hydrogen development plan

bne IntelliNews August 27, 2021

Russia plans to emerge as an exporter of hydrogen within the space of a few years and supply as much as 12mn tonnes per year (tpy) of the fuel by 2035, under a draft development plan approved in August.

bneGREEN: Wishful thinking in Russia's EconMin CO2 strategy

bne IntelliNews August 25, 2021

Economic Development Minister Maksim Reshetnikov has outlined the main directions of the country's GHG reduction strategy, which is increasingly focusing on ESG as the Kremlin wakes up to the dangers of global warming.

bneGREEN: Will the Belarus NPP become the elephant in the room for Lithuania?

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius August 24, 2021

Lithuania has passed legislation to ban electricity imports from Belarus, but power from Lithuania’s hostile and unpredictable neighbour keeps trickling across the border through four 330-kV interconnectors.

bneGreen: Last chance to cut emissions and save the climate

Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh August 10, 2021

The UN said in its strongest statement yet that human influence is unequivocally responsible for creating climate change, with only immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions in CO2 and GHG emissions able to limit global global warming to 1.5°C.

Russia’s Sibur sees emissions flat amid major growth plan

NEO August 6, 2021

Russia’s largest petrochemicals producer Sibur aims to complete massive growth plans without additional emissions, according to a comprehensive report on results and sustainability in 2020.

Czech industry ministry signs memorandum to back country's first EV battery plant

bne IntelliNews July 28, 2021

€2bn battery factory to be built by state-owned utility CEZ with Germany's VW or South Korea's LG.