COMMENT: Why critics are asking if Inner Mongolia is the next Tibet or Xinjiang

Antonio Graceffo February 25, 2021

Beijing is forcing China’s Mongolians to become Han Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party is suppressing their language, religion and culture.

Mongolia’s pitiless dzud

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar February 20, 2021

The unique weather disaster that leaves herders with a harvest of carcasses.

COMMENT: Mongolia is an island of democracy

Antonio Graceffo January 26, 2021

The Mongolian PM's resignation was a stirring illustration of public accountability and shows why the country is proud of its democracy, according to Antonio Graceffo.

OUTLOOK 2021 Mongolia

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar January 25, 2021

A tumultuous start to the year brought the resignation of the cabinet amid a coronavirus scandal, but the economy should show good growth this year.

Mongolia's PM quits amid protests over treatment of mother with coronavirus and newborn baby

Anand Tumurtogoo in Ulaanbaatar January 22, 2021

Anger at handling of virus outbreak boils over after local news agency releases video footage that went viral. Prime minister accuses president of inciting demonstration.