ING: Bad signs in the Hungarian job market

Peter Virovacz is a Senior Economist with ING in Hungary February 26, 2021

It was just a matter of time before we saw a serious impact on the Hungarian labour market from the second wave of Covid-19. The January data suggests a slump in growth in the first quarter, despite the latest upside surprise in wages.

COLCHIS: Georgia is in crisis, but it’s far from the end of democracy

Alexander Scrivener of the Eurasia Democratic Security Network February 25, 2021

The news from Georgia over the past few days has been depressing. Headlines like, “Georgian opposition leader arrested” and, “opposition HQ stormed” evoke the sort of post-Soviet authoritarianism Georgia wants to put behind itself

COMMENT: Why critics are asking if Inner Mongolia is the next Tibet or Xinjiang

Antonio Graceffo February 25, 2021

Beijing is forcing China’s Mongolians to become Han Chinese. The Chinese Communist Party is suppressing their language, religion and culture.

Romania: Demography, labour force and pandemic

Alexandru M. Tanase February 23, 2021

There were many changes during 2020, but for Romanians it is quite clear that 2021 will not be a year of plenty.

VIENNEAST COMPASS: All in? Kosovo, Albania and the prospects of unification

Marcus How of ViennEast February 23, 2021

Citizens and ruling elites of both countries are prepared to pay lip service to a shared dream but pause when confronted with the practical reality of its realisation.

OPINION: PM's resignation is a make-or-break moment for Georgia

Ghia Nodia in Tbilisi February 23, 2021

What next in Georgia following the turmoil in recent days that has seen the PM quit, the leader of the opposition grabbed by security forces and Irakli Garibashvili, who is refusing to hold a snap election, made the new head of government?

ING: Oil prices at $60, now what?

Warren Patterson head of commodities strategy at ING in Singapore February 19, 2021

There seems to be no stopping oil prices, with ICE Brent now trading well above $60/bbl. Clearly OPEC+ cuts are doing their job, while global recovery hopes are playing a big part. Will the oil price keep rising?

ING: Romania’s 2021 budget plans – as good as it gets

Valentin Tataru Chief Economist of ING in Romania, Trieu Pham Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Strategist for ING in the UK February 17, 2021

Romania's 2021 budget plans could hardly have been more ambitious after being constrained by the high share of rigid spending in the last few years

ING: Double-digit growth rates in Poland’s foreign trade

Leszek Kasek senior economist at ING in Warsaw February 17, 2021

Poland's central bank has just released balance of payments data for December and posted a moderate €0.4bn current account surplus,. That translates to a record-high GDP surplus of 3.6% for 2020 as a whole

TURKEY INSIGHT: Short termists start taking profits with ‘normalisation’ story oversold

Akin Nazli in Belgrade February 14, 2021

And don’t buy the de-dollarization story. The Turks are not rushing into FX and gold anymore simply because the banking system is no longer pumping out fresh lira.

Tajikistan: Would-be future president’s interview underwhelms

Eurasianet February 12, 2021

Mayor Emomali says city hall spent $1.14mn on bus stops.

NO YARDSTICK: Navalny protests turn the screws on Russia’s “systemic opposition” ahead of September’s Duma elections

Andras Toth-Czifra in New York February 11, 2021

Navalny’s campaign has paused its protests and will likely focus on this year’s Duma election – which is expected to be heavily rigged – even as the leaders of loyal opposition parties are scrambling to assure the Kremlin of their loyalty.

COMMENT: IMF concludes 2020 Article IV consultations with Russia.

Artem Zaigrin Chief Economist at Sova Capital in Moscow February 10, 2021

After the mission’s visit to Russia in November 2020, the IMF released a concluding statement with its Article IV report February 9. This kind of assessment is typically conducted on an annual basis when IMF resources are requested.

COMMENT: Ukraine’s government to subsidise home mortgages that could drive real estate boom

John David Suggitt founder and managing director of Kiev Real Estate Recovery Funds in Kyiv February 9, 2021

Like other governments in New Europe, the Ukrainian government is hoping to stimulate the real estate sector by subsidising mortgages through a new law that was passed at the start of February.

Perspectives: Uzbekistan rising as Central Asian integration catalyst

Eurasianet February 8, 2021

China will play a decisive role in anointing Central Asia’s leader.

RAEX-Europe: First ESG Ranking of Russian oil and gas companies

Svetlana Grishankova Managing Director RA Expert in Frankfurt Am Main February 5, 2021

The first ESG Ranking of Russian oil and gas companies showed that the leaders in environmental and social responsibility, as well as in corporate governance are the large companies involved in international projects

MITTELEUROPEAN INSIGHTS: Only Romania is really serious among the Euro-flirts

Gunter Deuber and Dorota Strauch of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna and Warsaw February 1, 2021

After Bulgaria and Croatia, only Romania looks like a strong contender to join the eurozone this decade.

STOLYPIN: Vpered KoZa! Can Navalny mobilise the Coalition of the Fed-Up?

Mark Galeotti February 1, 2021

The Coalition of the Fed-Up is what in many ways defines Russian politics today, and the goal of everyone in this multi-player game of political Risk.

FPRI BMB Russia: Navalny stirs dissent in the Communist Party of Russia

Fabrice Deprez in Kyiv January 29, 2021

The protests in support of Navalny have served to highlight once again the quiet debate raging within the KPRF between the old guard and younger, more progressive elements.