IMF: World needs more policy ambition, private funds, and innovation to meet climate goals

bne IntelliNews December 2, 2023

International cooperation is more important than ever because no country can address climate change by itself.

COMMENT: Turkish banks must embrace ecosystems

Yerbol Orynbayev December 1, 2023

With Turkey in the midst of a once-in-a-generation economic crisis, the country’s lenders require drastic action to survive. A faster expansion of their digital offerings should be part of that.

ICU: Ukraine’s economy becoming more resilient, but needs helping hand

Vitaliy Vavryshchuk of ICU in Kyiv December 1, 2023

Despite the significant headwinds Ukraine has faced in 2023, economic activity is surprising to the upside. Real GDP will be up more than 5% in 2023, inflation has plummeted to single digits, and NBU reserves hit historical highs.

NEMETHY: The oligarch model in Hungary

Les Nemethy December 1, 2023

Hungary is not following a state capitalism model. It is not the state itself that owns most strategic assets, but businessmen close to the ruling party, Fidesz. This is closer to the Putin playbook, creating a class of oligarchs.

ING: What companies and investors should know about COP28

ING November 29, 2023

COP28 will focus on ramping up efforts and investment in climate mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage control. It's now crucial that companies invest in clean technologies, harness climate finance opportunities and contribute to systems change.

OPINION: Music still connects a divided region

Ana Simic in Wiesbaden November 29, 2023

Over 70,000 people attended Dino Merlin concerts in Belgrade despite negative campaign on pro-Kremlin platforms.

COMMENT: Falling EM inflation enters a second phase, but rate cuts will progress slowly in 2024

bne IntelliNews November 28, 2023

Inflation rates are coming down across the Emerging Markets and are now entering a second phase, Capital Economics said in a note on November 28. Central Banks are getting ready to cut interest rates but rate cuts will come slowly.

BOFIT: The Russian financial market is looking for a new balance

Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition (BOFIT) November 24, 2023

The economic sanctions imposed as a result of the war of aggression started by Russia in March 2022 have changed the Russian financial market in many ways. Now foreign investors are leaving.

KSE: Russian oil tracker finds Western ships reducing services for Russian exports, but sanction dodging widespread

bne IntelliNews November 24, 2023

Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) is closely following Russia’s oil export business that has been targeted by Western sanctions and has released its latest update of the Russian Oil Tracker.

KSE: Bold measures are needed as Russia’s oil is slipping beyond G7 reach

Kyiv School of Economics November 20, 2023

Russia has successfully dodged the $60 oil price cap sanctions. Bold action needs to be taken to make sure the rule is enforced.

COMMENT: Russia's outlook remains fragile despite oil price boost

bne IntelliNews November 20, 2023

Russia’s economy is on course to expand by 2.2% this year and growth is expected to stay above 2% for the following two years, according to the Central Bank of Russia, yet the West’s extreme sanctions have imposed a real cost.

ING: Car market full speed ahead in the run up to 2024

Oleksiy Soroka a senior high yield credit research analyst at ING. November 14, 2023

The auto sector maintained momentum throughout 2023, which pushes sales an expected 8% higher. We think that order books and underlying demand will still bring positive developments next year, too.

STOLYPIN: No peace talks for Ukraine, but at least peace thoughts

Mark Galeotti director of consultancy Mayak Intelligence and honorary professor at UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies November 10, 2023

There aren’t yet talks between Russia and Ukraine, nor even talk about talks, but there is now talk about talk about talks. That’s a necessary development, but also an uncomfortable one.

IMF: China’s slowdown will hit sub-Saharan growth

Hany Abdel-Latif of IMF, Michele Fornino of IMF November 10, 2023

China has forged deep economic ties with countries in sub-Saharan Africa over the past 20 years, making it the region's largest single country trading partner so China's economic slowdown will hurt Africa.

KSE: Ukraine’s budget deficit up to $3.6bn in September, on course for $50bn for full year

Kyiv School of Economics Center of Public Finance and Governance November 7, 2023

In September, Ukraine’s central budget incurred a deficit of $3.6 bn (excluding a $1.25 bn US grant), a bit higher than the August figure of $3.34 bn and in line with the $3.64bn average monthly budget deficit (net of grants) for 2023.

RIDDLE: Russian trade with China as a Matryoshka doll

Aleksei Chigadaev for Riddle November 7, 2023

A Matryoshka doll or nesting dolls is the best metaphor to describe the economic-political relationship between Russia and China. Some elements of this Matryoshka doll are determined by market relations, while others are manually controlled.

COMMENT: US, Europe, and Russia jostle for influence in the South Caucasus

Zachary Weiss in Tbilisi November 6, 2023

More than a month after Azerbaijan attacked ethnic Armenians living in its Nagorno-Karabakh region, displacing 120,000 people, foreign political influence in the Caucasus is still shifting.

NEMETHY: Is the global economy reaching a tipping point?

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors November 5, 2023

The US economy is powering forward with almost 5% GDP growth as per the last measured quarter. Global GDP growth is in the range of 3%. This article will explore whether we are reaching (or have already passed) a tipping point.

COMMENT: Aliyev could still lose in the Great Game he started

Robert Ananyan in Yerevan November 1, 2023

The Azerbaijani dictator is refusing to engage with the European format of negotiations with Armenia but the West could still force him to take part.