Bulgaria raids offices of crypto lender Nexo

bne IntelliNews January 12, 2023

Accusations against Nexo include money laundering, tax crimes, unlicensed bank operations and computer fraud, a spokesperson for the prosecution said.

bneGREEN: Renewables to overtake coal in electricity generation soon

Martin Armstrong for Statista January 12, 2023

Hundreds of protesters currently trying to halt the continued development of a coal mine in Germany – which would involve the destruction of the now abandoned village of Lützerath – are putting pressure on the government to phase out coal use.

NEMETHY: Key economic and financial drivers to watch in 2023

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors January 10, 2023

There is an old joke that the role of economic forecasters is to make astrologers look good. Forecasting GDP or inflation for the upcoming year with any degree of accuracy is virtually impossible, but there are some scary signs appearing.

OUTLOOK 2023: Southeast Europe

bne IntelliNews January 9, 2023

The war in Ukraine had a seismic effect on the security, political and economic landscape of Southeast Europe.

Latest attempt to form government fails in Bulgaria

bne IntelliNews January 8, 2023

Yet another snap general election now increasingly likely as fragmented parliament fails to produce new ruling coalition.

Emerging Europe backs nuclear power to solve energy needs

bne IntelliNews January 6, 2023

Hungary, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia and Romania all plan new reactors and many countries are also looking at small modular reactors for the future.

bneGREEN NEO: Petrochemical companies should step up the fight against plastic waste

NEO January 6, 2023

Plastic waste has become a key issue in the fight against climate change. As experts and activists debate the merits of recycling versus reducing plastics overall, petrochemical companies should speed up their plans to recycle plastic waste.

bneGREEN: Warm weather halts ski season at Southeast Europe's mountain resorts

bne IntelliNews January 5, 2023

Unusually warm weather and the lack of snow have forced many ski resorts in Southeast Europe to delay the start of the winter season.

January temperature records broken across Europe

Anna Fleck for Statista January 5, 2023

Eight countries in Europe recorded all-time high temperature records for January on New Year’s Day this year. The following data draws from the visualization of meteorologist Scott Duncan and reports by the BBC, Statista reports.

Bulgaria’s Allterco completes first stage of acquisition of Slovenia’s GOAP

bne IntelliNews January 4, 2023

Frankfurt-listed Bulgarian company expands its expand its technology portfolio with acquisition of Slovenian IoT provider.

Bulgaria’s Kozloduy NPP secures fuel from Western suppliers, ending dependence on Russia

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia January 2, 2023

Kozloduy NPP signs contracts with Westinghouse and Framatome on delivery of nuclear fuel.