Putin appeals to BRICS leaders for support

Theo Normanton June 25, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on BRICS countries to support Russia in the face of "selfish actions" from the West. The summit of BRICS leaders is being hosted by Beijing via videolink.

Bulgaria’s parliament approves French compromise to lift veto on opening of North Macedonia’s EU talks

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 24, 2022

North Macedonia has already rejected the French EU Presidency's compromise plan because it foregrounds Bulgaria's complaints about its neighbour.

White House doubles number of long-range rocket launchers sent to Ukraine in fresh aid package

Theo Normanton June 24, 2022

The US has unveiled a new package of military aid for Ukraine, worth $450mn. It includes artillery ammunition, patrol boats, tactical vehicles, machine guns and four new long-range rocket launchers.

Ukraine and Moldova granted EU candidate status in face of Russian aggression

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin June 23, 2022

Ukraine and Moldova have been granted official candidate status, with the same promise to Georgia once it has addressed its "outstanding priorities".

Albania and North Macedonia remain stuck in EU accession process

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje June 23, 2022

Longtime candidate countries North Macedonia and Albania are still unable to begin accession talks because of a Bulgarian veto, while Montenegro and Serbia are no closer to joining, and Bosnia-Herzegovina has not yet been granted candidate status.

Turkey 'must be cautious' on sending Ukraine more arms says top Turkish defence official

bne IntelIiNews June 23, 2022

Statement may reinforce worries Ankara remains too close to Moscow despite Nato membership and Kyiv’s need for stepped-up weapons deliveries.

Russian retailers launch “parallel import” electronic sales

Ben Aris in Berlin June 23, 2022

Russia’s retailers have started importing electronics using “parallel imports” that source the products from intermediaries and allow them to ignore the wishes of the owners of the intellectual property.

Russia accepts default with bond-for-rubles scheme

bne IntelliNews June 23, 2022

Under the special presidential decree published on June 23 Russia has adopted a “temporary procedure” on the execution of foreign currency state liabilities, enacting a scheme under which foreign sovereign debt will be paid out in rubles.

EC due to vote on Ukraine’s EU candidate status as Russia intensifies attacks

bne IntelliNews June 23, 2022

EU leaders gather in Brussels on June 23 to vote on Ukraine’s EU membership candidacy in a vote that is widely expected to go through, as Russia intensifies its attacks in Donbas.

Last meeting of old Czech central bank board hikes base rate to 7%

bne IntelliNews June 23, 2022

Outgoing Governor Jiri Rusnok steers through 1.25pp hike to curb inflation, which reached 16% in May.

Ukraine targets oil infrastructure inside Russia

Theo Normanton June 22, 2022

A fire at an oil refinery 150 km behind Russia's front line has been widely attributed to a kamikaze attack by Ukrainian drones. This is only the latest in a series of targeted acts of sabotage in Russian territory.

Russia to back €1.5bn investment in two gas-fired power plants in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 22, 2022

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik announces major investment after he blocked Russia sanctions and voiced strong support for Russian President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg.

Bulgaria’s reformist government loses no-confidence vote

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia June 22, 2022

Vote ends efforts by Kiril Petkov's government to tackle graft in the EU's most corrupt country and plunges Bulgaria back into political instability.

Leaders of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia to attend EU summit after dropping boycott plans

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje June 22, 2022

Aleksandar Vucic, Edi Rama and Dimitar Kovacevski will travel to Brussels for EU Council to show their commitment to joining the EU despite frustration with stalled accession process.

China, India overtake Germany as Russia’s biggest buyer of crude oil

bne IntelliNews June 22, 2022

Oil imports by China and India from Russia have surged thanks to the sanctions on Russia in May to overtake Germany as Russia’s biggest trade partner.

Tajikistan: Citizen journalists targeted by relentless repression machine

Eurasianet June 22, 2022

Conventional media outlets have all been obliterated by the government.

Warnings of more political instability if Bosnia fails to secure EU candidate status

bne IntelliNews June 22, 2022

President Dodik threatens to scupper cross-party agreement to work towards EU membership if member states don’t offer candidate status at this week’s EU Council meeting.

Prague council corruption case rocks Czech political scene

bne IntelliNews June 22, 2022

Heads roll and opposition parties demand ejection of STAN party from the government after kickbacks scandal.

Russia demands end to Kaliningrad transit restrictions

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius June 21, 2022

Lithuania says restrictions are due to EU sanctions and talk of blockade is 'plucked out of thin air'.

South Korea’s W-Scope to build €720mn battery separator film plant in Hungary

bne IntelliNews June 21, 2022

The €720 million project creating 1,200 jobs is the largest investment so far announced this year in the country.