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BUCHAREST BLOG: What the Andrew Tate case says about corruption in Romania

January 12, 2023

Disgraced influencer said he wanted to live “where corruption is accessible”. Then he got caught.

bneGREEN: Brussels labels both gas and nuclear as green

January 5, 2022

Commission says there is a role for natural gas and nuclear as a means to facilitate the transition towards a predominantly renewable-based future.

BUCHAREST BLOG: The life expectancy of Romania’s grand coalition mark 2

November 27, 2021

Political rivals the PSD and PNL have united to end the political deadlock in Romania. But their previous short-lived grand coalition doesn’t bode well.

BUCHAREST BLOG: Romania’s anti-corruption struggle still inspiring its neighbours

September 19, 2021

With relatively few true success stories in the fight against corruption in emerging Europe, the efforts of the Romanian DNA to bring corrupt officials to book remain one of the few shining lights of the anti-corruption struggle in the region.

BUCHAREST BLOG: Three days that plunged Romania into chaos

September 6, 2021

Romania moved from having a relatively stable and functioning centre-right ruling coalition to an explosive political situation with no credible mediator to defuse it.