Czech Republic

Russian gas pipe flow dips to record low in January

bne IntelliNews February 1, 2023

Russian pipeline gas flowing to Europe dipped to a record low in January, down 30% compared with supplies in December, while experts warn that there could be significant further downside risk to the country’s deliveries.

Only Hungary and Russia heading for recession in 2023 as Emerging Europe shows its resilience

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 1, 2023

wiiw believes that most countries of the region have “probably already digested” most of the economic shock caused by the Ukraine war, provided Russia does not escalate the conflict further.

Czech president-elect Pavel calls for in-depth probe of presidential office

Albin Sybera February 1, 2023

Winner of election wants investigation of President Milos Zeman's office, which "conducted extensive activities of its own, often in a grey zone, if not directly beyond the legal boundaries".

M&A in Emerging Europe fell by 20% to €32.93bn in 2022

bne IntelliNews January 30, 2023

The weak macroeconomic backdrop and the spectre of possible recession are likely to stifle M&A in the coming months, according to the annual CMS/Emis Emerging Europe M&A Report.

Babis pledges to continue fighting after election defeat

Albin Sybera January 30, 2023

Billionaire populist could expand his electorate by squeezing far-right parties with his pledges to seek peace in Ukraine.

Pavel wins landslide victory in Czech presidential election

Robert Anderson in Prague January 29, 2023

The election of the former general – by 58% to 42% – should bolster the country’s centre-right government, while Andrej Babis’ crushing defeat is a severe blow for the populist opposition leader.

Polarising presidential campaign will leave a mark on Czech politics

Albin Sybera January 27, 2023

Andrej Babis has tried to portray frontrunner Petr Pavel as a “warmonger” who will exercise presidential power in concert with the centre-right cabinet.

VISEGRAD BLOG: When Eastern European states speak out they are now listened to

Robert Anderson in Prague January 26, 2023

The countries on Nato’s eastern flank believe they are now leading the debate on how to confront the Kremlin, as demonstrated by the row over supplying modern battle tanks to Ukraine.

Treatment of Czech Roma and violence against women called out in UN human rights report

Albin Sybera January 25, 2023

Ratification of the Istanbul Convention has been opposed by conservative deputies in the ruling centre-right five-party coalition as well as by deputies from the far right and populist opposition.

Polls show General Petr Pavel holds clear lead ahead of Czech presidential run-off

Robert Anderson in Prague, Albin Sybera January 23, 2023

Populist candidate Andrej Babis makes huge gaffe in TV debate by saying that, if elected president, he would not abide by Nato Article 5 requirement to defend neighbours from a Russian invasion.

No tanks for Ukraine at Ramstein meeting

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2023

Despite the intense pressure being brought on Berlin to allow Europe’s Nato members to send their advanced Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, a summit at the Nato Ramstein airbase failed to approve the measure.

Czech police investigate SMS messages telling people to mobilise for war in Ukraine

Albin Sybera January 19, 2023

Russian disinformation networks swing into action to support billionaire populist Andrej Babis in run-off for Czech presidency.

bneGREEN: IEA five-point action plan could avoid a new European energy crisis this year

Ben Aris in Berlin January 18, 2023

Europe faces another energy crisis that may start in the summer, leading gas and power prices to spike again. Europe won this winter’s battle in the energy war with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but will receive even less gas than last year.

Gas, panic in 2023

Ben Aris in Berlin January 18, 2023

Last year was a disaster for Europe as Putin’s energy war wreaked chaos on Europe’s economies by sending up gas prices 20-fold, fuelling run-away inflation and an energy crisis that drove millions into poverty. Another crisis could be coming.

Retired general Petr Pavel narrowly wins first round of Czech presidential election

Albin Sybera in Prague January 16, 2023

Response to energy crisis and support for Ukraine to be the focus of presidential election runoff between Pavel and populist billionaire Andrej Babis.

EBRD invests record €13.1bn into its region in 2022

bne IntelliNews January 15, 2023

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invested a record €13.1bn into its Emerging Europe and Eurasia region in 2022, the bank announced on January 12.

General Petr Pavel remains favourite in Czech presidential race

Robert Anderson in Prague, Albin Sybera January 13, 2023

According to final polls at the start of this week, Pavel is likely to meet opposition leader Andrej Babis in the run-off and would defeat him.

bneGREEN: Renewables to overtake coal in electricity generation soon

Martin Armstrong for Statista January 12, 2023

Hundreds of protesters currently trying to halt the continued development of a coal mine in Germany – which would involve the destruction of the now abandoned village of Lützerath – are putting pressure on the government to phase out coal use.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Race for Prague Castle will be landmark for Czech democracy

Robert Anderson in Prague January 11, 2023

If Andrej Babis were to be elected president, he could try to sabotage the government, and the country’s politics could become much more unstable ahead of the next general election in 2025.

NEMETHY: Key economic and financial drivers to watch in 2023

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors January 10, 2023

There is an old joke that the role of economic forecasters is to make astrologers look good. Forecasting GDP or inflation for the upcoming year with any degree of accuracy is virtually impossible, but there are some scary signs appearing.