Ukraine could be a "beacon about the power of capitalism", says Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock

Dominic Culverwell in London January 22, 2023

Ukraine’s lengthy and expensive reconstruction process could be a beacon to the rest of the world about the “power of capitalism,” said Larry Fink, CEO of investment company BlackRock at the Ukrainian Breakfast discussion in Davos.

No tanks for Ukraine at Ramstein meeting

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2023

Despite the intense pressure being brought on Berlin to allow Europe’s Nato members to send their advanced Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, a summit at the Nato Ramstein airbase failed to approve the measure.

Zelenskiy says he is not sure Putin is alive, in Davos speech

bne IntelliNews January 20, 2023

At the remote Ukrainian Breakfast hosted as part of the Davos 2023 forum, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy expressed doubt about the possibility of peace talks with Russia – and whether Vladimir Putin is still “alive.”

"Putin never going to use nuclear weapons," Boris Johnson dismisses escalation fears and tells Ukraine's allies to send tanks

Dominic Culverwell in London January 20, 2023

Ukraine’s allies gave a very clear and decisive message at the Ukrainian Breakfast panel discussion in Davos on January 19: Ukraine will beat Russia eventually, so let’s make it happen sooner rather than later.

Serbian NGO urges authorities to sanction paramilitary Wagner group's local activities

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje January 19, 2023

Growing concern over Russian paramilitary organisations activities in Serbia after it called for Serb volunteers to join its ranks and fight in Ukraine.

Running out of ammo

Ben Aris in Berlin January 19, 2023

Ukraine could face a shortage of ammunition in the second half of this year unless the West invests in new production, as stocks are already running low and existing production can’t keep up with the rate of fire.

"Tyranny is outpacing democracy" – Zelenskiy warns allies to speed up military support at Davos Forum

Dominic Culverwell in London January 19, 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy again urged allies to send Ukraine tanks at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 18.

Ukrainian Interior Minister among nine people killed in tragic helicopter crash outside Kyiv

Dominic Culverwell in London January 19, 2023

A helicopter crashed into a kindergarten just outside of Kyiv killing at least 14 people including Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, the Kyiv Independent reported on January 18.

Bulgaria secretly provided fuel and ammunition to Ukraine at start of Russian invasion

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia January 18, 2023

Investigation by German daily WELT finds pro-Ukrainian former premier supported Ukraine by sending ammunition and fuel through third countries.

‘Yesterday’s strategy won’t do’ in Europe’s approach to Iran says Carnegie analyst

bne IntelIiNews January 17, 2023

Cornelius Adebahr point to signs of power struggle within Tehran’s elite. Several insiders have in recent weeks argued in favour of more substantial reforms to address protesters’ grievances.

Bloody Battle of Soledar is hotbed of information warfare

Dominic Culverwell in London January 17, 2023

The bloody fighting in Soledar has caused a heated information war not only between Ukraine and Russia but also within the Russian forces themselves.

EU to send Ukraine €3bn this month in first tranche of €18bn package, but will it be enough?

Dominic Culverwell in London January 16, 2023

The European Union will send the first tranche of its €18bn package this week, Economic Pravda reported on January 16.

Dnipro death toll rises to 30 following Russia's deadliest strike on Ukraine this year

Dominic Culverwell in London January 16, 2023

At least 30 people were killed in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro following a Russian missile strike on an apartment block on January 14.

EBRD invests record €13.1bn into its region in 2022

bne IntelliNews January 15, 2023

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invested a record €13.1bn into its Emerging Europe and Eurasia region in 2022, the bank announced on January 12.

Kyiv chides Berlin with a humorous tank promotional video

bne IntelliNews January 13, 2023

Amidst the current debate on whether Europe, and Germany in particular, should send tanks to Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence has released a light-hearted promotional video suggesting a solution: reclassify them as “recreational vehicles”.

MOSCOW BLOG: President Duda says Poland will send Ukraine Leopard tanks, but don’t hold your breath

Ben Aris in Berlin January 12, 2023

More tank news. But this one is actually a bit confusing. Polish President Andrzej Duda was in Lviv yesterday for a summit and announced that Poland will send some of its 250 German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Will it happen?

Poland’s Duda promises Ukraine Leopard tanks, Russia appoints Gerasimov as top general

bne IntelliNews January 12, 2023

Poland's President, Andrzej Duda, announced that Poland is ready to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine during a visit to the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on January 11.

Ukrainians continue "difficult" fight in Soledar, denying Russia's victory claims

Dominic Culverwell in London January 12, 2023

The battle of Soledar continues, according to Ukraine, refuting Russia’s "false" claims of victory.

NEMETHY: Key economic and financial drivers to watch in 2023

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors January 10, 2023

There is an old joke that the role of economic forecasters is to make astrologers look good. Forecasting GDP or inflation for the upcoming year with any degree of accuracy is virtually impossible, but there are some scary signs appearing.

Russia claims to kill 600 Ukrainian soldiers in retaliation for Ukraine’s New Year’s Eve missile strike on Russian barracks

bne IntelliNews January 9, 2023

Russian authorities claim to have killed 600 Ukrainian servicemen in a retaliatory strike after Ukraine killed 400 Russians with a missile strike on New Year's Eve.