Kazakhstan: Investigation into ex-president’s nephew signals new turn in elite infighting

Almaz Kumenov for Eurasianet September 21, 2023

Analysts believe this case indicates that President Tokayev feels more confident in his authority.

Armenia's Pashinyan takes the blame for an absent Russia in the face of Azeri aggression

Zack Weiss in Tbilisi September 20, 2023

A weakened Armenian President Nikol Pashinyan is taking the blame for Russia’s absence and a weakened Armenia, leaving Yerevan vulnerable to Azerbaijan aggression.

From Donbas to Irpin: one Ukrainian’s journey rebuilding his homeland

Neil Hauer in Irpin September 20, 2023

Dance instructor and entrepreneur Alexey Ovchinnikov’s new studio is part of the revitalisation of the war-ravaged town of Irpin.

Russian oil price discount shrinking, sanction dodging widespread

Ben Aris in Berlin September 20, 2023

A recent study by the KSE Institute, led by senior economist Benjamin Hilgenstock, found that Russia is successfully avoiding oil sanctions and that the discounts it has to offer on its barrels of oil are tightening in comparison with Brent.

Onetime 'King of Europe' Tusk now fights to lead Poland

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw September 15, 2023

The former premier and European Council president has restored faith in the Civic Platform party but the road to end PiS’ rule remains as steep as ever.

Ukraine winter preparations in final stage with a month to go

bne IntelliNews September 13, 2023

With a month to go before the heating season starts, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal says preparations for the upcoming cold season are in their final stages and the country is almost ready for the cold season.

Tajikistan: Terrorism, slander, corruption claims swirl in latest sign of elite infighting

Eurasianet September 11, 2023

An old friend of the security services and police chiefs has been dragged into a tussle with the newly powerful general prosecutor.

bneGREEN: EV battery manufacturers plug into Southeast Europe

bne IntelliNews September 11, 2023

Southeast Europe is already home to some high-profile electro-mobility companies. Now, it's becoming a location for battery manufacturing too.

Russia and Iran: the Pariah Club

Ben Aris in Berlin September 8, 2023

The war in Ukraine has led to unprecedented levels of Russian-Iranian co-operation in the military, economic, and political spheres. The rise of anti-Western hardliners in both Moscow and Tehran means that this co-operation is likely to continue.

Far-reaching implications of Pope Francis’ visit to ‘island of religious freedom’ Mongolia

Antonio Graceffo in Ulaanbaatar September 6, 2023

In visiting the country’s tiny Catholic flock, the pontiff shone a light on the repression of the Church’s adherents in both China and Russia.

Ukrainian refugees become populist targets in Czechia

Albin Sybera September 6, 2023

Even though two thirds of refugees live below the poverty line and their financial support has just been cut, populists are whipping up tensions, particularly with the country's Roma minority.

Ukrainian teachers fight virtual war for children's hearts and minds

Neil Hauer in Zaporizhzhia September 5, 2023

School teachers are continuing their lessons over the internet to pupils in occupied Ukraine.

China's standard map scandal undermines BRICS+ unity ahead of key G20 summit

Ben Aris in Berlin September 5, 2023

It has been only a week since the BRICS summit in South Africa was supposed to unite the emerging markets against the Western hegemony, but a new "standard map" from China has caused a nasty row over borders ahead of a key G20 summit.

How France is losing Africa

Ben Aris in Berlin September 4, 2023

France is rapidly losing its influence in Africa as country after country rebel against their former colonial master and rally to the new BRICS bloc.

Russian companies build up $200bn secret slush fund despite the oil sanctions

Ben Aris in Berlin September 4, 2023

The unprecedented and extensive sanctions to limit Russia’s oil export income have successfully reduced Russia’s export earnings and budget revenues, but via various scams Russian companies have built up a slush fund of some $200bn abroad.

Can Europe simply ban Russia's soaring LNG imports too?

Ben Aris in Berlin September 4, 2023

Europe has cut itself off from Russian gas following the destruction of the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines last year, but imports of Russian liquefied natural gas have soared as it seeks sources of fuel and has few other options. Or does it?

Polish far-right parties could dictate next government

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw September 1, 2023

Konfederacja nurtures its anti-establishment image and denies speculation about joining a future coalition after next month's election.

PROFILE: Timur Turlov, the Kazakh financier behind Nasdaq-listed Freedom Finance

Jason Corcoran in Dublin August 30, 2023

His Kazakhstan-based brokerage has come under attack from short-seller Hindenburg Research for alleged sanctions busting and money laundering.

Kremlin draws up candidate list for 2024 presidential election race

Ben Aris in Berlin August 30, 2023

The Kremlin has approved the “candidate” list for those that will run against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the 2024 presidential elections. The list has no young people on it, and none of them is expected to come anywhere close to winning.

“All signs point to Ukraine,” German investigation into Nord Stream 1&2 pipelines bombing finds

Ben Aris in Berlin August 29, 2023

A year has passed since a series of underwater explosions destroyed the Nord Stream 1&2 pipelines ending Russia’s delivery of gas to Germany. An official investigation has concluded that “all signs point to Ukraine,” Der Spiegel reports.